Sunday, September 23, 2012

Got the Gig

I'm running the mic at the Best Buddies crit on October 6th. Come out and race! Or watch! Or both! It will be fun!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick Hits

- I started college. My classes are good.
- This week I'm going to Michigan for my cousin's wedding.
- I was killing it in Fantasy cycling until Rodriguez took the red jersey. I still haven't learned my lesson   about not picking him.
- I'm issuing a challenge to all 15-18 AZ junior cyclists. Register a team for the TTT championships. Team Winded is racing it, and we want to see you there!
- The podcast is on hiatus. College has not been conducive to such things.
- I really don't know if Contador can take time back on Rodriguez. Rodriguez is one of the few guys who can respond to those accelerations, and the days of doubting his sustainability are over.
- I'm stuck in an dissatisfied state with my hip. I ride once a week now, partly because college is time-consuming and partly because the rides tend to not be enjoyable.
-Thanks for reading. I will try to post more.