Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Shellfish and I never got along so well. In my early years I had a tendency to hork crab cakes. For that reason, we assumed I was allergic to shellfish; and so I abstained. For some reason, a reason I know not, shrimp is a shellfish. Over the course of my long withholding people told me of the excellent taste of shrimp. I believed them.
Last summer things changed. I got an allergy test, and it came back completely negative. I was cleared to eat shellfish. It was with a certain satisfaction that I ate two shrimp(s). Internal affairs were going very well, until 4 hours later at Jake Spelman's house. I ended up absolutely spouting off in his backyard. There was a lot of puke. It was an interesting experience.

Friday, May 25, 2012


I always knew that I would graduate someday- I just didn't know where. I am so pleased at the way things have turned out. I truly have been privileged to meet many fine people. So to all of you, I give my gratitude.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I miss you, SoMo

A nostalgic post was inevitable.
The South Mountain Time Trial is tomorrow, and I can't help posting about it. A year ago, I won my last bike race (despite the fact that Owen Graves nearly ousted me from the top spot). It was part of a great season I had.
This year it's different. I'm laying on the floor right now because my hips get irritated when I sit at a 90 degree angle. It's somewhat clear what my issue is. The diagnosis of a labral tear was partly true but partly false. I do have a labral tear, but I also have bursitis caused by impingement of my illiosoas tendon. It's a mess. Essentially, I spent 2 months doing physical therapy on the wrong thing. In a sense, it's funny. Sometimes things are orchestrated in such a way that you get a message.  You may think I'm reading into things, but I can emphatically say that God is doing this for a purpose. My dad did the first race of the season, but work has prevented him from doing any other races. BOTH of us have missed out on the racing season. That stuff doesn't just happen.
In conclusion, it hasn't been a fun year cycling-wise, but it has been another step in putting it all in perspective.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Day in the Life at GCHS

It's been awhile since I made you guys read about my personal life. I'm not so accustomed to it any more...but here goes.

6:25 My alarm goes off. I strategically plan my alarm to repeat two times over the course of 10 minutes.

6:34 I rise from my bed. I went to bed at 10:10 the night before, so I was incredibly close to 8.5 hours of sleep.

6:43 I shower with hot water.

6:54 I read simultaneously read my Bible and eat a bowl of Life cereal (I obviously didn't literally eat the bowl).

7:10 My sister and I get in our Ford Focus, and we make the 22 minute drive to school.

7:45 First hour. Bible class. We watch a John Piper video, and our teacher discusses a bit of systematic theology.

8:38 Calculus 2. I often go to this class in 7th hour as well, so I sometimes use the morning class for conversation. It is Student Council Election week at Gilbert Christian. Friday will be a big assembly for candidates to give speeches. It's such a small school that whoever runs will get a position, but it's the ideology of it all that matters. I'm living vicariously through the candidates by writing a speech here and there.

9:36 Yearbook. We have already made it and proposed next year's possible theme, so we are free from work. Today, I choose to update my blog.

10:28 Advanced Computers. Our fourth quarter project is a group video project. My group is going all out. We've got a 20 page screenplay. It's a surrealistic drama. And while were working on it, it doesn't hurt to have a profound discussion on divine abhorring of evil.

11:17 Lunch. Next year's class catalog came out. New classes include psychology and Latin. The graduating intellectuals are in an uproar about missing out on Latin.

11:52 Spanish Class. I finish up a slideshow presentation on cycling (in spanish). I think it went well. I show them this Jens Voigt video.

12:43 English. I identify the theses (multiple thesis?) of the paragraphs of my research paper. It's about the Mexican Drug War.

1:36 Independent PE. That is one good result from this injury. I usually get to go home at this time even though I'm not able to train on my bike. I choose to stay at school to work on Calculus. Then I find out that the Latin and Psychology courses were online. Let-down.

2:30 Filming. We finish up filming for our computers video. I think it will be pretty good.

I then return home and enjoy a restful day.

Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Giro D'Italia: Prediction

1. Krueziger
2. Pozzovivo
3. Scarponi
4. Basso
5. Rodriguez
6. Cunego
7. Gadret
8. Szmyd
9. Rujano
10. Pinotti
11. Uran
12. Moreno
13. Dupont
14. Barta
15. Schleck

I think it's time for Krueziger to shine luminously. I also think Pozzovivo will shine, but it's tough for a 115 pound rider to stay the course of a grand tour. Basso will put in a good performance, but Szmyd may complicate things for Liquigas by having a great ride. Cunego will put in work for Scarponi. Rodriguez will win a stage but fall short again. Gadret won't improve over last year; he'll be lucky to have team leadership over Dupont. Jan Barta will win a stage. Schleck will play off everyone's expectations and finish in a mediocre place.

That's my projected Giro d'Italia.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What a Weekend

On the weekend of April 28th I had the extreme pleasure of announcing the Arizona State Crit Championship. In addition to having a phenomenal time, I got toTeam Winded win the Junior 17-18 championship! Legendary!