Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inside the RV

Yesterday, I made an attempt to get back to my old video-making ways. I tried my best.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I had a great weekend, honestly. I went to 2 Arizona criteriums, watched bicycle racing, and spent time with some dear friends of mine. Sure, I had to explain my injury about 40 times, but the fact that people ask means they care.
(Avondale Crit: Cat 3/4)

It is agonizing to race a bicycle. It is also agonizing to watch a bicycle race. Right now, I am trying to value of the benefits of the latter.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Sometimes I've asked myself if I will ever cease to be called "Bike Boy". I have wondered if the onset of college will prompt me to christen myself "Bike Man" or "Man on Bike". Rest assured though, such changes shall never be made. During this period of forced inactivity, however, I have adopted a new nickname: "Boy off Bike".

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Recommended Watching

I think these guys are great.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions (Goals for the 2012 Racing Season)

It may be January 2 in Michigan, but it's still New Year's Day in Arizona.
I have a tradition of posting my racing and training goals on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. While the past years have held a mix of nostalgic to optimistic, this year is truly different. This year, I truly do not know if I will be able to race my bike again.
Of course, I speak with hyperbole, but the thought is in my mind. I have not ridden my bike in 3 weeks. Resting my hip/groin/pelvic muscles did not change anything, so I hope that someone can reveal to me just what is going on. My thinking is that it's a hernia, but I don't know much at all. Time will tell, but I'm impatient.
I can't complain about the injury. I have enjoyed a lot of success with cycling, especially last summer. God gave me incredible legs at certain races, including:
TBC Road Race- I snagged my first upgrade points.
San Tan Crit- I entered three races and finished with the Cat 2/3 field.
State Crit Champs- I won some primes and had fun.
South Mountain TT- I won even though I wasn't happy with my time.
Mount Lemmon TT- I felt super good and finished well overall. That dang Nathan Franklin beat me!
Camp- Thanks to good preparation and fabulous coaching by my dad, I did well on the tests.
National Crit and Road Race- I managed to get two top 50 finishes in a field that intimidated me at first (and still kinda does).

He gave me the opportunity to race L'abitibi, which was a dream come true. I can't complain!

I also had some bad races:
VOS- I went down with the flu and came back just in time to get thrashed in the time trial. I DNS'd, feeling a deep level of despair.
Focus GP- I got beat by the heat and the wind...and bad tactics.
Nationals TT- I raced with no cahonies at all. I couldn't get into a rhythm or make myself suffer.
State ITT- I raced with my back brake rubbing...which became an issue.

As for next year, I do have aspirations. During the off-season, I underlined some goals:
Help Team Winded win a regional stage race- We have very strong riders, and I think I can be very helpful when racing uphill. 
Break the South Mountain Junior 17-18 Record- I was a ways off Ryan Zupko's record last year, but hopefully I will be stronger.
Go back to L'abitibi- I would love to experience the pro-like racing that is Tour de L'abitibi, but this time race with a bit more experience.

Most importantly, I penciled out this goal:
Top 5 at the National Road Race- It's one of those lofty goals, but it's worth training for. I pray that I will be able to race it.

I feel a lot of doubt and pessimism (when do I not?), but I am trying to trust God. I lack perspective right now, just as I did when I didn't get to go to Nationals in 2008 and when I moved in 2009. These are only small things in the end.
Time will tell.