Monday, October 31, 2011


So yeah...if you're reading this post, chances are you've seen the new header. Chances are the new header made you infer that I'm not racing for DNA next year.
That is the truth. I don't want it to seem like I am divorcing DNA, though. DNA Cycles has been awesome. The past two years of racing have been amazing years, and if you know me well, you know that I don't usually use the word "amazing". I cherish my former DNA teammates, but long story short, we needed to move on.
Enter Team Winded. Tisha Suarez is spearheading the operation, along with her husband, Jason. The goal of the Winded Foundation is to promote Asthma awareness. Hopefully, having a prominent junior development team will help the foundation. The Suarezes really care about the juniors, and they are really making it a dream come true for me. Team Winded is made up of 15-18 year old riders who want to race regionally. I think it's gonna be awesome.

To DNA Cycles Racing, please don't have hard feelings, because this is for the best. Thank you for two fantastic years of cycling.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's not really the Lions' losing streak that has been bugging me. Well, actually, that's the reason, but still, I feel that my team isn't representing properly.
When our coach throws a hissy fit (even if the other coach had no class).
Or when our defensive line has the reputation of being "evil". When they make fun of Tim Tebow it bugs me, probably because I'm a Christian. They're not evil, but they have a really scrappy Detroit mindset.
In short, I have moments of embarrassment with the Lions. At the same time, I am happy that they are no longer the darling of the media. So it's a mixed bag.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vote for Bike Boy...Please

So, I'm doing this essay competition, and I NEED votes. Like 1,000 to be precise. So please vote for me. Also, don't read my essay first. Read a couple of the other essays first. Hopefully, it will entertain you.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011


For the last time in my life, I took the ACT on Saturday. I felt as nervous as I did the first time, which was in 2008. I think I improved on the Science and English sections, but the Math and Reading parts went sketchy. Who knows? I won't know until December.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 Man of the Year

Edward Feldhake III
Arizona cyclists know him as "Nippy". He is the promoter of a race that has been alive for several decades. He promotes two state championships and one stage race. When he's not doing that, he is fundraising to support El Grupo Youth Cycling. Of course, the person of the year should have character that is even greater than his achievements, and I think Nippy has that. Nippy is so nice and cool. He wants to help people. So, by the power invested in me, I award Nippy Feldhake the Bike Boy Man of the Year of the Award.

Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Arizona Rider of the Year

George Cyrus
Cyrus is the epitome of a REVELATION. Do you realize that he won races in FOUR different categories this year? When he won, he didn't just win, he CRUSHED. He won solo at least seven times this year. That is a lot. And for that reason, I dub George Cyrus of Bicycle Ranch (which gets credit for this photo), the 2011 Arizona Rider of the Year.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 Best Ambassador of Arizona Cycling

Daniel Eaton
The 18 year old Mesa native showed the world his prowess. He took a prestigious win at Sea Otter, cracked the top 10 at Nationals and L'Abitibi, and represented the USA in Belgium and Switzerland. We Arizonans really ooh'd and awed at him. We were quite happy to have him represent us against the World's best.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bike Boy Awards- Part 2

Best Breakaway: Does anybody remember watching Brian Rach fly the coop at U0fA? He went all by himself, with no teammates in the field to block for him. He held off the pack to win by a solid margin.

The David and Goliath Award is given to Tulio Weber. He, a 15 year old little'un, beat out the Cat 4/5 field at Avondale. 75 people entered the race, but Tuli came in all by himself!

Best Website: It's unusual that a photography website would get this award, but Kathleen Dreier clearly demonstrated great commitment in keeping her site updated. Everybody frantically checks the site when they get home from a race!

The Day of Insanity Award goes to the State Road Race Championship. Holy pizza, that was a crazy race. It was HOT, HOT, HOT.

The Holy Socks Award (awarded to the best public display of pain) is awarded to Jake Spelman. He went down 3 times within 4 weeks. He really displayed the pain.

The Long Time Cat 3 Award is awarded to- okay, now I know everyone tends to get really offended when I lay this award on somebody. I believe this award is up to snuff, though. I counted up Dan De Mos's points over an 18 month stretch from TBC of last year to the DC Ranch Crit of this year. In that span of time, he recorded 40 points. It was 47 points if I counted TBC as having 50 starters. That's...a lot of points.

The Super Field Fodder Award will go to Darrell Anderson, my own father, for the drubbing he went through at Avondale. He made the hard choice to enter the Pro 1/2 race. It was a brave decision. The field was decimated by the likes of Marcotte, Brown, and Rubelt. During the Havoc, Anderson was popped, yet clawed his way back to finish 12th.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1st Annual Bike Boy Awards (AZ Version)- Part 1

Thanks for waiting. This post took a long time to make (I got really distracted on Monday night). I hope you enjoy these awards...and remember, there are many more to come.


Most Improved: Taylor Skinner. Who could have predicted the Anthem native's meteoric rise from Cat 5 to Cat 3. After serving as the newbie rider of the junior field in 2010, Skinner won 2 state championships.

10-14 Aged Rider of the Year: Dominic Suozzi was a pleasant revelation this year. He won several state championships and was the only Arizona junior to place on the podium of Nationals (he took fifth in the criterium).

Best Crit Racer: Some call him "Big O" or "O Dog", but most refer to him as Owen Graves. Big O got second at the State Crit Championship (17-18), and placed 11th at Crit Nationals. He is one of the danger men in the Cat 3s.

Best Time Trialer: Michael Dziedzic capped off his Summer campaign with a win in the State Time Trial Championship. It was a fitting end to his junior career.

Best Mountain Goat: Statistically, Nathan Franklin went to town on the uphill variety. He won two monuments: Mt. Lemmon and Mt. Graham. Furthermore, he went pretty fast.

Most Consistent: Kenny Polley was always there this year. He placed on the podium of every single individual state championship this year (Crit, Road Race, Time Trial, Hill Climb) and scored 2nd place in the prestigious Tucson Bicycle Classic.

Best Team: I think El Grupo is a good pick for this. They won the team time trial, which was very impressive. They participated in Valley races, despite their Tucson base. All in all, they were a well-ordered unit.

Junior Rider of the Year: Nobody raised eyebrows quite like Danny Eaton. Essentially, he was all of these awards rolled into one (except for "Best Team" and "10-14 year old"). Daniel made a big splash nationally, getting top 10s at Nationals and Europe. He had a year that most kids can only dream about having.

Masters Men

40-44 Rider of the Year: Am I being cliche in naming Paul Thomas? He did some incredible things this year; he won VOS in the Cat 1 category (big pizza-killing deal), hung with the big dogs at Leadville, and rolled a 1:31 at Graham. Big time stuff.

45-49 Rider of the Year: Jim Silverman won took the points series by a good margin. I don't want to be a stickler about points, but I think they really indicated his performance. He won the State Crit and took 3rd at the State Road Race.

50-54 Rider of the Year: Keith Brodhagen rode very fast this year. He cleaned up in the 50+ category and rode some storming time trials.

55-59 Rider of the Year: Obviously, you can tell that I'm not an expert on masters racing. I went to the points for answers and saw Dave Bixby. He really pounded the competition with twice as many Copper Cup Points. Plus, he has a fearsome reputation.

60+ Rider of the Year: Who else but Franz Hammer? He's a living legend. That's all that can be said.


Junior Woman of the Year: It was painful for me to decide between Lizzy Caputo and Kendra Wiebers. In the end, I chose Kendra Wiebers because she seemed to have Lizzy's number when they went head to head. They battled tooth and nail for the Copper Cup; I give them my props.

Cat 1-3 Woman of the Year: I guess I am biased towards climbers, but I feel justified in picking Anna Sanders. She pizza-killing FLEW up the hills this year. She took some great wins this year, including a stage at TBC, South Mountain, Lemmon, and the State Road Race.

Best Team: I give it to Trisports. did some good things this year, but they never gave me the sense of domination that Trisports gave me. Cara Bussell won some race for Trisports, and Sanders did her thing.

Men Cat 4

Best Crit Racer: Gabriel Santoyo. Good grief, I'm glad I didn't have to race Cat 4 this year. Santoyo is scary fast. No, really, he is so fast that he scares me.

Best Time Trialer: Nate Davis. I think when you get the 3rd best overall time at the State Time Trial (55:14), you have a good argument on your side.

Best Mountain Goat: Nate Davis. I also think that when you crush Mount Graham the way he did, you ought to consider Cat 2.

Most Consistent: Jake Spelman. I'm giving this one to my old compatriot. He's been up there in the 4s all year. He got seven top 10s and three 11th places. That's pretty consistent.

Best Team: I think this award was up for grabs between Bhaus, DNA, and Trisports. Each of these teams faded once the spring season ended. Bhaus won lots of races because of Santoyo and huge numbers. DNA was pretty consistent, but didn't necessarily lay the smackdown everytime. Trisports killed it at TBC and Colossal, but they all upgraded. I'll give the award to Bicycle Haus. It was a hard fought victory.

Men Cat 3

Best Crit Racer: Thomas Collins, in my opinion, was fairly devastating in the crits this year. He took 2nd at UofA and Old Pueblo (two of the hardest crits) and 4th at the State Crit Championship.

Best Time Trialer: Matt Duke won every time trial he entered this year. The last one he entered was the State Championship. He is state time trial champion.

Best Mountain Goat: Let's give some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to Mike Radcliff. This year, he went up hill quite quickly. At Mt Lemmon, he beat out Alan Brown and Nathan Franke (two fearsome climbers). He solidified himself at the State Road Race, crushing everyone that got in his way.

Most Consistent: Scott Wall was always there. He was actively involved in the crits. As the season went on, he got better at climbing, and actually got 2nd at the State Road Race.

Best Team: Trisports had the personnel to get the job done. Their performance in the State Road Race was very impressive.

Cat 3 Rider of the Year: Mike Radcliff. End of story.

Men Cat 1/2

Best Crit Racer: I give this one to my neighbor Marcus Hayward. He was an absolute revelation rider this year. He won the State Crit for Cat 2s and podiumed in several Pro 1/2 races.

Best Time Trialer: Paul Thomas gets this one, considering that he won the State Time Trial and was a member of Rideclean's amazing team time trial.

Best Mountain Goat: Dave Glick, obviously. He really really killed Mt Graham.

Best Team: With Aten, Jondall, McCabe, Don, Swanson, Schreiber, and many more talented riders, Landis-Trek cleaned up fairly well this year. But as I reflect on the season, I have to give the title to Rideclean. I just have to. They came away with some big wins, including VOS and the State Crit.

Cat 1/2 Rider of the Year: I saw a lot of hope in George Cyrus. He won the circuit race in Flagstaff and smacked people around at South Mountain. I see great things.

Saturday, October 8, 2011