Thursday, April 29, 2010


Is it just me, or does it seem like we live in a country full of whiners?
To see the whining, all you have to do is meander over to your Facebook home page and see all the recently joined groups about how indignant people are over the changes to Facebook. EVERY single time Facebook is revised, people start rioting in the streets, saying they will never use Facebook ever again. After a couple weeks, they've completely adjusted. When Facebook is revised again, they wish for the last Facebook, which is apparently the "old" facebook, apparently the Facebook that they always knew.
The most recent whinage is about changing "Become a fan" to "Like". Seriously, I think just some people just want to rant!!!

I really doubt that my Spanish class has gone a single day without a fight breaking out over the AC in the room. Students whine about tests, they whine about homework, they whine about each other, they whine about not getting passed the basketball in gym class.

Of course, I whine a lot too. Mostly when my dad rides really fast when we are on an easy ride. At least, I used to be whiney, but now, I just race him when he does that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Last Laugh

I never renounced my fanship on the Detroit Red Wings. I have taken constant poop/pizza from my classmates about the series. The Phoenix fans kinda annoy me, because they define fairweather fans. Most of them didn't know Arizona had a hockey team until two weeks ago.
Still, I had been outnumbered, and thus was failing in the trash talk, which is really the most important part of sports.
In Bible class, I was taking some more pizza about my Red Wings. My fellow Michigan ex-patriot John asked me,
"James, are you gonna take that?" I smiled at him and said,
"John, we'll have the last laugh."
When Bertuzzi scored to make the score 5-1, I smiled and thanked God.
When Lidstrom scored our sixth goal, I thought about feeling bad for the Coyotes, but thought better.

I laughed.

p.s. I think Dmo said he wanted to see a pic of my TT set-up. Here it is:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Aerodynamics Question

The South Mountain Time Trial is on the 8th of May. It's 5.5 miles with around 1000 feet of elevation. So it's around 3%, and I expect to average 15-16 mph. At this speed, how much do aerodynamics count? Obviously, I'm not going for an aero set-up, but I'm wondering about trying the TT helmet, a skinsuit, or booties. Is this a good idea?

Friday, April 23, 2010


So I had just typed this huge blog post on my dad's blackberry. After completing this huge update on my life, I clicked "save as draft". It promptly erased my post. That just kills my pizza.
I will work to slowly repost the lost post over the week. A little bit of myself was destroyed with it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

C-W-H Memorial TT and Buckeye Crit: Report

Time Trial: This was 30 Kilometers, half uphill, half down hill. My goal was to keep a consistent power at around 230-240. I did just that, got a time of 46:21, shaving two minutes off last year's time!
I was content with that result, but I guess I still needed more racing for the weekend. Dad took me to the Buckeye Crit after church on Sunday. It was about 95 degrees. Due to a ton of factors, I got absolutely shredded by the Cat 3s. It's all good though.
That's my racing recap.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm on the last week of my peak. I am feeling really good, and the rest I've been getting has been quite beneficial. I've got a 30km TT on Saturday, and maybe a crit on Sunday. Sounds like fun!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Unleashing the rider within

My recent power files have been giving my coach headaches. Just locating my FTP is a confusing task. On races, I can put out 260 for 20 minutes without feeling a thing. But when doing intervals at 260, I am fighting tooth and claw. At TBC, I did 278 for 20 minutes (before blowing myself up). This upped my FTP to mid/low 260s. This power assignment proved to be too overwhelming for intervals. I did 3x12 at 250 last week, and suffered through all of them. Then at the group ride/race, I was hanging out in that power zone for just about the whole last half of the race. Yesterday, I failed intervals at an even lower power.
There's a lot to sort out with overtraining and what's going on at school, but my dad has concluded that racing just changes my power. When you're racing, you forget the power and just ride with the race, doing what it takes. I'm able to ride especially hard at the beginning of races, as if I'm on amphetamines or something. I get these crazy adrenaline rushes at the start line, that let's me do that.

So readers, what crazy wattage race stories do you have???? Post 'em up!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Roadies Vs. Mountain Bikers

We showed up at the Shop for a multi-cultural smackdown.
The race started and ended at the shop, but the MTB-ers were riding their shorter MTB trail, and the roadies were on the ROAD! The roadie course went through Bush Highway, Saguaro Lake up to the mile long climb, turned around and rode back to turn left onto Usery Pass. After finishing Usery and descending it, we turned left on Mckellips, rode about a mile, then turned right at the intersection that leads into my neighborhood. By turning right, we went onto Hawes Road. Hawes Road has a very short but steep climb that takes about 1 minute. Very Kensington-like. At the top, we turned around, then went back to the Mckellips intersection and turned back onto Mckellips. Then we just rode straight back to the shop. All in all, around 32 miles.
The roadies' plan was to set up Stephen and me for the bottom of Usery. The whole group would TT, as the juniors kept fresh for the climbing. We just wanted to beat the mountain bikers.

The 30-ish rider large field was very very slow through Bush. No one could seem to figure out the whole paceline thing.
The hills eventually started wearing people down. The first climb came 11 miles into the race. Stephen drove the pace, and created the main selection of around 10 guys: Marcuccis, Andersons, Brian Axelrod, David Genovese, Brad Erwin, Mike Radcliff, and Darin Fila.
The seniors pulled us to the bottom of Usery. I started the pacework going up the long hill. I tried to keep in low Zone 4 at first, but Brian M and Brad took turns cranking the pace way high.
Stephen and I went side-by-side and kept the pace fast (260 watts). Eventually, I found myself sliding onto his wheel and entering survival mode. We averaged 14.8 up the climb. We did it in about 13 minutes flat. The previous record was 13:30 with a tailwind.
Stephen must have been throwing out unholy power, given that we were going quick enough to make drafting useful. At the top, it was just us and Brad. Thankfully, Brad assumed the pace for the downhill. Once we got onto the flatlands of Mckellips, we tried to workout a paceline, but we were getting chased.
Just before Hawes Hill, Mike led a 4 man group up to us. Dad attacked immediately, but I was on his wheel. Stephen lead the death march up the hill, dropping everyone but me. Though we gained about 10 seconds on the closest guy, Dad and Brad immediately bridged up to us on the fast downhill. We had 3 miles to go, but we kept on working. Brad led out the sprint, Stephen passed him for the win. I honestly had nothing left, and Dad just settled for 2nd without really trying.
Sadly, a bunch of the mtbers were there waiting for us. Oh well. We still won some sweet prizes.