Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 1 Completed!

I managed to do the Century! 110 miles is decent for someone of my age, considered that my previous high was 66. There was a lot of wind on the course, but I basically sat on everyone's wheel for the whole ride, so I was fine. In case you were wondering, we did the extra 10 miles due to riding up to the Start, riding to breakfast, and taking a wrong turn and taking a detour.
It was fun, although I don't think I can do 100 again tomorrow.

About to Start

We (Dad, Giff, Zack, and I) are sitting in a restaurant, finishing up breakfast. We'll start riding soon.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Gaslight Video

The 3/4 race video probably won't be post until Monday, because I'll hopefully be riding 200 miles during the next two days.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kinda Nervous

I'm doing the MS Bike Tour on Saturday and Sunday. I might do 100 miles on both days, but I might end up doing 75 on both days, for a grand total of 150. Wish me luck(please).

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad Grammar

As of late, I've been struggling with my grammar in normal conversation.
I need to remember that when someone says "How are you?" I should say "good",
but if someone says "How are you doing?" I should say "well", because "well" is an adverb, and "good" is an adjective.
"are" is a linking verb, but "doing" is an action verb, so I modify "are" with "good", and "doing" with "well".
Sorry if I confused you guys.

More Crits

Crit Practice was last night, but I hardly remember it from all the suffering. I remember that we forgot cycling shoes (partly my dad's fault, mostly mine) and my dad had to drive back to get them, so I did the first race in tennis shoes. Thus, I got dropped. I remember going on a break with Tom and Alexey. We lasted three solid laps. I remember getting dropped with Alexey on the next race, and trying to jump back on when the group came around again. I remember going on another break, this time, with Alexey, Ben Caldwell, Jeff (don't know his last name, and Blair Dudley. We lasted the whole ten lap race, and Blair led us out. Alexey didn't quite have the kick, so I ended up taking the win.
The next race was a miss'n out. In a miss'n out, every time the pack finishes a lap, the last three people to finish are out. The last man standing wins. Alexey and I had a brilliant tactic; breakaway! That way, we'd be getting 1st and 2nd every lap. We survived two laps, and then we were caught, but I attacked again! I almost survived to the finish, but I faded. Alexey and I were out, but we were still racing. Alexey attacked on the next lap, and he almost made it!
We raced really aggressively last night, and were rewarded. After watching races in Iowa and Illinois, Alexey is a little discouraged by the fact that racing-wise, Michigan is one of the slowest states in the USA. According to Alexey, the guys who dominate Cat 3s in Michigan couldn't compete with the Cat 3s in the rest of the country.

Check out for Doug's pictures of us.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten Reason Why You Should Do Allen Park

1. A lot of kids YOUR AGE will do it
2. It has a fun atmosphere
3. It has interesting prizes
4. It has a lot of primes
5. It has no hills
6. It has a kids race, so your little sibling can do it
7. It starts at 8:30 A.M., not at 7 A.M. like a lot of races.
8. It has a great announcer, Mr. Lekovish
9. It has a 10-14 race and a 15-18 race, so if you're 10, you don't
have to race with someone who's 18 (a lot of races just put ALL the
juniors together)
10. If you don't, you'll break my heart, and I'll probably give up

So come to the Allen Park Criterium. It'll be a ball.

More Pictures

Cat 3 race:

There goes Birmann.

Mr. Lekovish chases.

Rudy and I ride side-by-side.

Stephen Barnes suffers

Brennan and Barnes after they attacked me.

Neal Sheppard takes the win over Brennan.

Jordan finishes strong, with me chasing him in the background.

I'll post a video soon.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tour de Gaslight: Report

For the first time in a long, long time, I did a junior crit!!! Yay!
Jordan, Caleb and I lined up against some tough competition today, most notably Mac Brennan.
I also saw another interesting competitor; Rudy Peterson!!! For those of you who don't know who Rudy Peterson, here's a little background on him. He's thirteen (racing age thirteen), and he used to race for Flying Rhinos, but now he races for Kalamazoo Bike Club/Little Caeser's Racing. He and I raced each other a lot in 2006; He beat me at Ada, I beat him at Rock City, and he whupped me at BTR (the bonk). We are evenly matched, so our races are exiting to watch.
The race started at a medium pace. On the second or third lap, Mac Brennan attacked, and his teammate went to the front to block for him. I shouted to the group to not let that guy go to the front, because he would only cause an attack. Stephen Barnes attacked. I was content to stay out of the wind. The group was eventually shredded from 13 riders to 6 riders. I was the only representative of AAVC in the group. Rudy had faded off the back. With under ten minutes remaining, a prime was announced. A prime is a one lap race within a race; the announcer will announce a prime as riders begin a lap, and the winner of that lap wins a prize. Well, this prime interested me. Guess what it was. You guessed it, a pizza. How could I not win it? It would be so poetic if Bike Boy won a pizza, wouldn't it? Thus, I attacked. I held my gap for a little while, but faded at the line. Mac Brennan and Stephen Barnes both sprinted by me. The people who tried to win the prime (Brennan, Barnes, and I) got gapped by the people who didn't try to win the prime (Mark Bailey, Paul Jacobson, and Neal Sheppard). I tried to recover while riding Brennan's and Barnes's wheels. They were trying to close the gap to the leaders. Brennan pulled off, and he and Barnes both looked back at me, as if to say, "Come one, you can't just ride our wheels." Seeing that I wasn't able to pull, they both attacked me. Fortunately, I didn't bonk. I was able to keep up a fast pace of 20-24 MPH. With about 5 minutes left, I realized that Rudy was gaining ground on me.He was slowly gaining, I was able to hammer the gap back up, and by with two laps left, I was almost safe to slow down...but I didn't. I kept going hard, and was about to lap the main field. On the last lap, Jordan was in my sight. He was being a human carrot. I was close to catching him by the time I had reached the finishing stretch, but Jordan laid down a good finish. He had a nice first race. He did a good job of riding near the front, and lasted quite a while before being dropped. Caleb also did well, riding with Rudy for most of the race.
I was pleased to have taken 6th place, considered that everyone in the top 5 was fifteen or older. The race winner came up from Florida. He got a sixth place finish at Nationals last year!
I was the best placed 10-14 aged rider, out of five, so I'm content.
The Vermuelens went Illinois for races yesterday and today. Alexey got third in a huge junior race on Sunday, and got second in the junior race today. He also did the Cat 4 race, and was crashed out in the last 100 meters. How ironic.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Besides Dan and Doug, I am the ONLY blogger who posted a Frankenmuth report. Come on guys, you're embarrassing us all.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tour de Frankenmuth: Report

Ugh, racing is painful!
My dad and I arrived in Frankenmuth late last night. We managed to get to bed by 10:30. We woke up at 5:16 A.M., in order to get to the race course on time for our 7:33 and 7:42 starts.
My race was reminiscent of a rubber band; the pack would speed up, then slow down, then speed up, then slow fown. The only juniors in the Cat 4 race were Alexey, Noah, Mac Brennan, and I. We did a good job of representing Michigan juniors, though. We all did a good job of moving up, and keeping a good position. After mile 15, everyone starting getting more serious, and more attacks came. The pace was still rubber band-ish. On mile 20, Alexey and I got gapped, but Alexey put his head down and hammered his way back, with me in tow. At that point I was pretty tired. A few miles later, Noah and I got gapped, but Noah put his down and hammered his way back, with me in tow. I was on the absolute back of the peleton. The pace had slowed, so I figured I could take a swig of water. As I grabbed my water bottle with my right hand, the pace slowed extremely. I was headed straight into Noah's wheel while riding one-handed! I went crashing over my handlebar, doing another faceplant into the ground. When I woke up, I was lying on a hospital bed, in a bodycast. JUST KIDDING!!! I somehow managed to keep my balance and avoided flipping over my handlebars. I can't belief that I was able to do all that while riding one-handed. If that had happened to me last year, I really would have been in a body cast.
Anyway, I got a swig of my water.
On mile 29, Alexey and I got gapped for good. Alexey was unbelievably strong, and he somehow managed to crawl his way back to the group. He managed to stay with the pack until about mile 37. Noah also stayed on until mile 47(the last mile).
I was alone. I paced my self for the next 15 miles. Coming into the last mile, the lead Pro 1/2 group past me, and Brendan Benson yelled "Go Bike Boy!". That got me excited. I hammered into the finishing straight at 29 MPH.I felt strong.
In the Cat 3 race, Jimi (James) Menema (a newly upgraded rider for Team Bisell) soloed away for the win. Dad got fifth, and Zack and Dmo finished top 15.
It's kind of weird that my dad is racing against these guys who used to be racing with me. It's very weird.
The junior race was STACKED with 10-12 year-olds; The Virtue kids, Levi Veltkamp [Noah's brother], and Rem. There were two other guys my age, but they were no match for Rem, who sprinted in for the victory!
After two BRUTAL road races, I can't wait to do the Gaslight junior race, on a nice, flat crit!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Conference Champions!

With a 6-0 win over Will Carlton Academy, last night, the WCA Wildcats secured first place in their conference. They now look forward to Districts, where they have a bye (they get to do one less game than everyone else, because they did well in the regular season).
Maria scored the first (and game winning) goal.
I spent the night kicking a soccer ball around, trying to do a rainbow. I still can't do one. When I came inside, my dad was finishing up registering me for the Tour de Gaslight, which is a crit in Grand Rapids, on Memorial Day. I'm doing "Junior Men" at last, and Abby's doing "Junior Women". I think I am capable of competing for the win. The notable pre-registrees are Stephen Barnes. Stephen Barnes is a seventeen year old who won the junior race at ToKV. Mac Brennan is an eighteen year old who races for Team Priority Health. I know I can beat Stephen Barnes (I beat him at Ada last year, and my three lap time at ToKV is three minutes faster than his), but I don't know if I can beat Mac Brennan. However, I do know that Barnes and Brennan are also doing the Cat 3/4 race, so they can't race too hard in the junior race, in order to not bonk in the 3/4 race.
I won't have my wingman Alexey there, because he's doing a LAJORS (Lance Armstrong Junior Olympic Race Series) race in Illinois. However, I will be introduced to my new teammate, Jordan Sanford, who is racing age thirteen, and apparently strong. We should have fun.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going out with a barf- uh, I mean bang

Last night was the second to last time that the eighth graders would be at our youth group. It was eighth grade night, dedicated to the eighth graders. We did some games that some of the more dedicated eighth graders came up with. Then, all the eighth graders went up front and sat down at a table. We were all given cans of Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla. We were then told to chug the pop. The first person done would win. I hate any pop that has cherry in it, and just cherry flavored is bad enough, but I had to win. Barak and I were the only eighth graders, so we had to represent. Jung-Ho told us to make him proud, and I took his words to heart. From the gun, I was chugging that cherry-vanilla pop like there was no tomorrow. I was taking huge gulps, and when my can was halfway emptied, the pop started coming out my nose. I stopped chugging for a second, but Kanaan (a seventh grader) was driving me on. Maybe he was pushing me too hard, because I was going all out. I managed to pace myself to the finish. I ferociously slammed the cup down. Abby finished just a few seconds later. Barak didn't want to puke, so he didn't drink very fast. Kathryn didn't even start drinking.
I made Jung-Ho proud; I made myself sick.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crit Practice!

Crit Practice at Runway Plaza (the site of the STS) began tonight. For those of you who have never heard of Crit Practice, here's what we do; practice criteriums. We do multiple races, and everyone is in the same race. It always makes me stronger, because I'm racing with super fast Cat 2s,3s, and 4s. I did well in the first five lap race. The field sort of split into two groups, with 5-6 riders of the front. I was in the second group, and with one lap to go, I hammered to get up to the front group. I made it! The only person on my wheel was Colton, and I ended up giving him a leadout. I was pleased with my 8th (?) place finish, because I was able to shred the second group.
I got dropped in the next two races, mostly because I had gone super hard in the first race.
I attacked at the start of the next five lap race. I got a good acceleration, and Markus Nee got on my wheel. We were out of the pack's sight. I thought that I was stronger than Markus, because my Willow time is a minute faster than his. Regardless, I suffered to stay onto his wheel. The pack slowly closed in on us. I cracked, but I was still pleased that our break stuck for a while.
After the races ended, several of us (Colton, Zack, Doug, Dmo, Dad, Randy, and I) went onto the grass and practiced bumping. That may sound weird, but practicing bumping helps you be prepared for when you actually get bumped in the middle of a race.
After that, we hung around and stretched, as Doug took pictures of us. Then we talked about Doug's old Chevy Cavalier.

The Wings Advance to the Finals!!!

After beating the Dallas Stars, they now move on to play Sydney Crosby's Pittsburgh Penguins.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Suffering at Tour of Kensington Valley

Update on My Personal Life

For the past few days, all I talked about was ToKV. Now, it's time to move on. Let's start with what's been going on with me. I have been being reminded of the fact that I will soon be in High School. I did some testing a few weeks ago, and met with the High School counselor a week ago. Everyone I've met there has been super nice to me. Since I've been in Maria's movie for her class, I now know a lot of her friends.
In my youth group, I'm moving up (or down) in ranks, from an upperclassman in the Middle School ranks to a puny lowerclassman in the High School ranks. On Wednesday night, all the eighth graders hung out with the High Schoolers, and I felt very welcomed. Yesterday was the official welcome party for the eighth graders. We broke up into teams, and went through a scavenger hunt through Ann Arbor, hunting down a chicken. When we found the chicken, he nearly evaded us, but I made a sprawling tackle at him, latched on to him, and then fell on my left shoulder. So now, my shoulder hurts, but I have a great excuse: "I beat up a seven foot tall chicken!"
After the party I went to see "Prince Caspian" with Barak and James Lamine. It was pretty good, despite the fact that there was a thirty minute sequence that never happened in the book, but movies do that. There were a lot of battle scenes, and all of them were pretty neat.
I was pleased to see that Edmund got to fight more than he did in the last movie. Hopefully, all of you guys know that I played Edmund in a play. Of course Edmund didn't get the spotlight that Peter got, but oh well.
Since the eighth graders are leaving, and the seventh graders are going to be eighth graders, who's going to be the seventh graders? The sixth graders. My little sister's friends. They are all so short. I felt so tall. It was a sweet feeling that I don't usually get to experience...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Unnofficial Winner

The winning time for the 3 lap junior race was 1:12:17. After 3 laps of our SEVEN lap race, Alexey's time and my time were 1:09:16! I'm glad we chose to do the Cat 4 race and let those 16 and seventeen year olds(Noah Veltkamp and Stephen Barnes) have the dubious honor of dominating the junior race.
Yesterday's performance has me motivated for the Tour of Frankenmuth. The Cat 4 race is a tiny 47 miles, and flat as a pancake! It's nothing compared to what I endured yesterday!


I wasn't the only person who finished off the back in the Cat 4 race. Here are some very notable names: Ben Penner, Mac Brennan, Doug Gatto, Tim Jenema (abandoned), Brian Hancock (abandoned), Andrew Lee (abandoned), Kevin Collins (Zack, you probably know who this guy is :-), John Talbot (abandoned), and Colton Liberacki (abandoned).
I finished 37th out of 50 starters, and I'm happy with that, although I finished 37th out of 37 finishers! Who cares though, I had fun.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sweet Victory!

Today didn't go as well as I had hoped, but I am okay with my results.
Dad and I got up at 4 A.M. and reached Kensington metropark at around 5:20 to help SLC set up.
We warmed up, with plenty of time until our 7:15 and 7:20 starts.
Let's skip forward to the start of my race. We managed to get all of the AAVC riders together, although we didn't quite get to talk tactics. Suddenly, without my knowing, the race started. I never heard a "Riders ready, go!" or anything like that, but merely saw the pack roll away. Thus, I started off at the back of the pack. The pace was painfully slow at first, but there was no space to move up because the pack was so thick. I considered shooting the guttter, but didn't have the guts to risk a crash. I gained a lot of places up "Snot Hill" and the other huge hill, but then lost those places down the huge descent. 10 miles were down; 46 were left. Up the next hill, a Wolverine rider dropped his chain, forcing Alexey and me to have to slow down and go around him. We were now at the back of the pack. The pack flow down the descent, gapping us. I realized this: since, my skinny-ness makes me a good climber, it probably makes me a terrible descender. The pack simply rode away from me on the descent. We were going so fast that I couldn't pedal, although my junior gearing didn't help me pedal any more. Juniors are required to ride with less gears than adults, so juniors don't harm their knees.
I was helpless. There was nothing I could do to descend faster; I could only look on in horror as the pack left Alexey and me. We worked together with a Saturn rider. He took a few monster pulls on the flat, gaining several seconds on the pack. Then I pulled up "Snot Hill" and dropped the Saturn guy. That was a dumb move, because he was critical to our survival on the flats. The peleton disappeared out of sight.
We caught another Wolverine rider, but he dropped us after a few miles.We rode another lap alone, and then Brian Pirrie, an AAVC rider caught us. We rode together for a few more miles, until he gapped us.

Take a look at this hill. Not only is it steep, it's also painfully long.
Check out this picture of Rem attacking Tim Finkel!!!One time on the flat section, the leading Pro 1/2 group passed Alexey, Brian and I, and I jumped onto their slipstream! They were flying, but I managed to hold their pace for a while until Derek Graham kicked me out of the group. Alexey and Brian caught up to me, and Alexey started to be the stronger rider. On lap 6 the Cat 4 group lapped us, and we held their pace all the way to the middle of the big hill. At that point, something inside of me snapped; I cracked. My pace immediately dropped about 5 miles per hour, and I had to ask Alexey to slow down.

My facial expression betrayed my expression; I was running out of gas.
How would I be able to crawl up Snot Hill two more times? This is how; my teammate pulled almost all the way to the finish. I took a few pulls, but they were much slower than Alexey's. I don't think I could have ridden those two laps alone. I was dead, worn down by almost 45 miles , and I now had to do 13 more. We went up Snot Hill for the penultimate time; I couldn't wait for the final time. We crawled up that instrument of torture at about eight miles per hour. We didn't go as hard on the flatlands of the final lap, preparing for Snot Hill. Then it came. We soared up it, going almost as fast as we had gone all race long. As I was almost to the top, I got a cramp, then another, then yet another. Pedaling was pure agony, but I couldn't quit when I had less than half a mile to go. Alexey had gapped me, but all I cared about was finishing. I hammered in at 24/25 MPH. People were screaming at me, "Finish strong! Give it all!"
I just about killed myself. I threw my bike across the line. The pain seemed to lift from my legs. I had done it: all 59 miles of it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feeling Better

I'm not so nervous any more. My readers (two of them) have told that I'll be fine, and Chris came over today to switch cassettes on our back wheels. He's a little nervous at being the favorite for the Cat 3 race, but not as nervous as I was. So I'm settling down now, I'll be fine.

Needing Encouragement

Guys, as of today, I really need encouragement for ToKV. I don't think I'll be able to race for 3 hours up 30+ hills, in the rain, without motivation. I can do it though, if my readers are behind me.
So please motivate me, because I'm afraid that those 56 miles will separate the men from the a literal sense. I'm trusting that I really am a good climber compared to the average Cat 4 rider. I'm certain that in the later half of the race, the pack will shatter, and the strong riders will leave behind the weak riders. Thus, I need to be riding near the front all race long. AAVC doesn't really have a plan, although we have been having a long discussion about it, via e-mail. We don't have a plan because we don't know which of us will be dropped and which of us will survive. We have designated Ben Penner as our leader. My goal is to stay with the front group, and NOT GET DROPPED! If I don't get dropped, then I will think about attacking up "Snot Hill" on the last lap.
It will be very painful.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not a good way to do T-Max intervals

When you do T-max intervals, it helps to have something to measure your wattage. Since my dad is in Texas with the laptop, the computrainer won't work, and the powertap wheel is disassembled, I had now way of measuring my power. I simply went into my biggest gear and tried to keep a steady cadence. I have a bad feeling that I was probably not doing 280 watts...I was probably unknowingly doing 300:-).

Training Hasn't Been So Great...

I missed my ride because I was at the MS walk. I missed my ride on Sunday because I was helping my sister and her friends film "A Tale of Two Cities". I also missed a ride on Tuesday because I was at Kurt's house for a long time. Fortunately, I was able to ride on Monday, when I didn't have a ride scheduled.
Today I'll be doing T-Max intervals. Don't they sound painful? They are painful. First, you see how long you can sustain your maximum one minute power output(for me that's 280 watts). You multiply how long you could do it times .6. Then, you do several more intervals.
Today, I'm doing seven of them.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Okay Noah...

...time to start racing Cat 4. Seriously, Noah Veltkamp, racing the junior race won't benefit as much as racing the Cat 4 race will.
Contrary to my predictions, the junior race might make it's minimum field size. It has gone from 2 to 6 in the span of 2 days. Something tells me that when I do race the junior race, no one shows up, but when I don't do the junior race, everyone shows up. It's frustrating.

ToKV Pre-Registrees

The ToKV registrees are filling up! There are already 33 guys registered for Cat 4!
Right now, the junior race still doesn't have ten people; so far it has Rem, Caleb, Joe Toma, and Peter Cox. Why didn't Caleb and Joe do the Cat 4 race???
AAVC has a bunch of riders in the Cat 4 race: Tom Barrett, Alexey, Ben Penner, Mac Wilkins, Doug, Colton, Brian Pirrie, and ME! Doug and Colton aren't technically on AAVC, but in my book they are. We have eight riders, and I predict that Colton will place top five, due to his high red blood cell amount from living in Colorado. I have a good feeling that I won't be dropped, since I'm a skinny climber!
Mark my words, Chris Aten will win the Cat 3 race! I'm willing to bet money on it! Even if Chris doesn't win, expect another mountain goat from South Lyon Cycle to take the yellow jersey.
It will be fun.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

2007 Ada Crit Junior Race

I felt like making another video, so I made a video of the Ada Crit Junior race.


I got recruited to be in a film for my sister's literature class. That's what she told me.

MS Walk

I did the MS Walk today, at Pioneer High School, because my mom has MS. That's why I didn't go to the Junior or Cat 4 ride. We walked three miles, then ate pizza.
I'm now registered for the ToKV Cat 4 race. Yay!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Scouting the Course

I have never truly enjoyed riding with my dad; mostly because he tends to drop me like a bad habit. He has one weakness though: he's 55 pounds heavier than I am, so I can keep up with him on hills. Today, we got to do the hills. I had fun.
We drove up to Kensington Metropark today, to scout the course and train for the upcoming race. Kensington is infested with hills, making it a Hill-Infested Metropark [I think I feel a song coming on:-) ]. I felt great, going up the hills, and Dad didn't drop me until the third or fourth lap, when we went up the infamous "Snot Hill" (I think you can figure out why it is called that). Besides that, I wasn't dropped. After doing four or five laps, we did hill repeats. Hill repeats are a workout in which you go up a hill, go back down it, go up it, go back down, etc. Hill repeats, as Coach Dave Young would say, "Will cure anything"! After finishing those, Dad and I rode back to the parking lot. We were both very tired.
My performance today got me excited. Tony, Chris, Zack and Dmo will dominate the Cat 3, because they're all so light, AND they can produce major wattage! They will be a force to be reckoned with.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feeling Fast!

I did ten sprint intervals in my neighborhood today, and I felt very fast. I'm ready for ToKV, I'm capable of doing the Cat 4 race. I can feel it in my legs!
Unfortunately, ToKV might not happen. It needs to get 8-10 more course marshallers, or else the Metropark people won't let the race start.
Volunteer for ToKV, and be able to say that you saved the Tour of Kensington Valley!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


That is what I said last night. I said it to my Homeschool Connection friends, at the "Hoopla". The Hoopla is basically show and tell from all of the classes. Some classes just had displays, some classes (mostly dance classes) actually performed. I had to suffer through watching four Irish jigs in a row! I can ride sixty-six miles, but having to watch an Irish dance bores and snuffs the life out me! I suffered through them so I could socialized afterwards. I also turned in some GCBC stuff to Mrs. K. I shook her hand and said goodbye, thinking in my head that I would endure a lot of Girl-Infested Grammar Classes to keep coming to Homeschool Connection.
So I socialized afterward, saying goodbye to John Henri, Sam, Jared, David, and anyone else I could find. I didn't to say goodbye to Joe, and that upsets me, because he's going to school in the Fall too.
I would have said more goodbyes, but I had to go.

On the less depressing side, there's been a lot of debate over what race I should do at Kensington.
Zack, Drew, Dan, Alan, many of my readers think that I should the Cat 4 race. My mom doesn't think I should do the Cat 4 race, and my dad is undecided. I know that I will be fine if I do the Cat 4 race. My dad will get advice from the AAVC coaches, who know what the right decision will be.
I was checking the pre-registered athletes, and I saw that Alexey's registered for the Cat 4 race. Caleb is still undecided.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Saturday, May 17, 2008



7:15 am Men Pro/Cat. 1/Cat. 2 12 laps / 97 miles $1000 / Top 12

7:16 am Men Cat. 3 9 laps / 72 miles $500 / Top 8

7:17 am Masters 35+ (Cat. 1-4 only) 9 laps / 72 miles $500 / Top 8

7:19 am Masters 45+ (Cat. 1-4 only) 7 laps / 56 miles $400 / Top 8

7:19 am Masters 55+ (Cat. 1-4 only) 7 laps / 56 miles $100 / Top 3

7:21 am Men Cat. 4 7 laps / 56 miles $500 / Top 8


8:30 am Women Cat. 1/2/3*** 6 laps / 47 miles $500 / Top 8

8:32 am Men Cat. 5 4 laps / 31 miles Prizes / Top 5

8:34 am Women Cat. 4 *** 4 laps / 31 miles Prizes / Top 4

8:36 am Juniors 3 laps / 23 miles TBD

Those 500 dollars for the Top 8 Cat 4 riders sound pretty good to me, although those 56 miles sound pretty painful. Of course, I am capable of riding 56, but never have I raced for 56 miles. Hey, I can always just go to the front for the first lap and hammer the pace up as high I can go, then drop off.
Time will tell.


At the Tour of Kensington Valley, the minimum field size for the junior race is 10. That means if there are less than 10 juniors racing, the junior race won't happen. At the moment, it doesn't look like there will be 10 juniors, so I'm contemplating doing the Cat 4 race.
What's your opinion?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The AAVC Cat 4 Team Bares it's Fangs

At Cone-Azalia, my teammate, Ben Penner, took first place in the Cat 4 race! Tom Barrett, another one of my teammates, finished 4th! It looks like we have a very strong team that I hope to help get onto the podium in races this year!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Masterful Performance... my big sister, Maria! Her class performed "The Curious Savage" which is about an insane asylum. My sister played a crazy guy!In the picture, she's the shortest one, wearing a vest. For her role, she had a pot-belly, so she wore a pillow. She made a good fat guy! She provided a lot of comic relief, and she was my favorite character.
The play got me excited to do WCA drama next year!

Just like the old times

It was great to be back with the Hurricanes! Although I wasn't playing in the game, I still did the warm-ups with the team. You wouldn't believe how four months can change a high-pitched twelve year old into a deep-pitched twelve year old. The last time I heard Jamie and Patrick talk, their voices were high-pitched. Now, their voices are two octaves lower! It was kind of scary.
During the game, I was on the sidelines with our British coach, Andy. The Hurricanes did wonderfully! They fought their way back from 0-3, to 3-3. In the second half, our goalie, Kyle, didn't appear to be on his best form, and as a result, he let in three more goals.
I don't think my team was frustrated though, because we played a really good team. I wasn't playing because I'm not registered for the team. I'd be able to play in the Canton Cup tournament, but it's on Memorial Day weekend, overlapping the Tour of Frankenmuth. Darn.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I went to see Homeschool Connection's High School Drama perform Pride and Prejudice. It was good, so good, that it made me jealous. Jealous that I won't be coming back to HSC next year, and jealous that I won't be involved with the HSC Thespian Society. For me, the HSC Thespian Society will be replaced by the WCA drama class. On the bright side, I'll be performing in plays with my big sister.
On a lighter note, I saw a lot of familiar faces at the play. I even saw some Home School Central people: Laura, her sister, and Trevor Tarantkowski with his brother Tobin. Oddly, John Henri didn't come.

Ironically, tomorrow I'll be carpooling with my friend/former teammate to the Hurricane's game. Apparently, my old soccer team got bumped up a division, and the teams in their division are really good! I'll be there, supporting the Hurricanes. Who knows, maybe my presence will inspire them...or not.

The Wings Move On! (again)

The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Colorado Avalanche 8-2 last night, finishing off their best-of-seven series. They now move on to the conference finals, where they will most likely play the Dallas Stars. Also, the Tigers are on a HUGE winning streak! They just swept the Yankees in Yankee Stadium!!! I'm sure none of you are interested in this post, except for Alexey, but at least it's a post.
Comcast has been having "problems" with our region. Thus, our internet has often been disconnected throughout the week. That's why I haven't posted in 1 day.