Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Mowing the lawn stinks. Hill sprints also stink, but at least they make you stronger. I did ten sprint intervals up the big hill in my neighborhood today. They were all pretty painful, but they will improve my ability to accelerate up hills, which is called force, I think. I can't help but think about all of the hilly courses I'll be racing at. The first true climber's course is Kensington, which will be a sufferfest. I'm worried that Chris Brinkman will race the juniors' race. He's beaten my dad several times in the Cat 3 races, but only in sprints. My dad has dropped him several times. Brinkman's strength is his sprinting, so my only chance of staying with him is to wear him out over time. So expect Alexey and I to give the junior field a little "lesson" in relay attacking.
Brinkman probably will drop me though.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Who's more miserable?

Ben Howell

or Me

It's hard to tell.

I'M FREE!!!-Monday Report

Yes, my friends, I'm free. Free from this thing that I have grown to know and hate as the girl-infested grammar class.
I have learned a lot of new grammar concepts from this class, and my writing has improved drastically. Thank you, Mrs. K. Regardless of the concepts learned, I never liked the class. Sorry, but I didn't. In fact, I hated it with a fairly large passion. Sorry again. I know this should spark some reader participation.
Anyway, today was a PARTY! That is, except for logic. We played video games in Destination Imagination, and in Drama, we watched a movie of our play.
In soccer, Josh Boehr(my youth group leader) came and played. Of course, he was on Barak's team, and I wasn't. I'm a bit upset that during the whole school year, I played on Barak's team a grand total of 1 time.
Today, I was on a team with two really good players: Beau and Gabe. We tied our first game 2-2, lost the next game 2-0, and played Josh and Barak next. I was in goal, and so was Josh. My defense fell apart, and there were times when there were three offensive players vs. one defender and I. Beth, Barak, and Anders were basically having target practice. At one point, they got three or four consecutive shots off, but I was able to stop them. We tied 0-0. When my team mobbed me(in a good way), I just said, "I was inspired by Josh's presence".
During study hall, I got my yearbook and looked through it. Then, it was time for the Girl-______ Grammar Class. The last one.
We went to the library, and basically did a photo-shoot for the first fifteen minutes. The photos were for our class book. After all of that modeling, we finished our quizzes and reviewed our essays. After that, class was over and I was FREE!!!
FREEDOM!!! I felt joy in the pit of my stomach. I had survived GCBC.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh Well

I didn't do extremely well today, but I can still find some positive things about my performance.
Let's start with the bad things. Firstly, I woke up at 3, and my stomach was hurting. I went to the bathroom, to find out that I had diarrhea. The pain went away after awhile, and I managed to get back to sleep. Secondly, I made the decision to keep my wheel cover on, despite the vicious wind. Thirdly, I forgot to put booties on my shoes. Fourthly, I calculated Birmann's MPH wrong. I thought that he averaged 23.07; in reality, he averaged 23.17. Thus, when I successfully averaged 23.10, I was surprised to see that my time was 35.01. Alexey finished 27 seconds better than I, and beat Birmann's time by .1 of a second.
I figure that keeping the wheel cover cost me 5 seconds, not wearing booties cost me 10-15 seconds, and miscalculating the MPH ruined the whole race for me. In short, I ruined the race for myself. There is no one else to blame.
On the positive side: I finished four minutes and twenty seconds faster than I did last year. I was third overall amongst all juniors 10-18. I was only fifty-two seconds down on Noah Veltkamp, who's 16. My team took the first 4 places in the 13/14 race. My friend Alexey beat Taylor Birman's time! The South Lyon Cycle race team SWEPT the Cat 3 podium, not to mention getting Eric a fourth place!The top three: Chris, 2nd. Dmo, 1st. Tony, 3rd.

Congrats, everyone!

Here are some pictures.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The History of Willow Time Trial

For me, this race began when I was eleven. It was my second time trial and third race ever. I lost by thirty five seconds to TJ Petzold, who passed me. That race was one of the most frustrating races I have ever done. I didn't wear arm-warmers, thus, my arms were numb, helping to slow me down to a time of 46:03. Also, Tony passed me, and back then, that was a big deal. I didn't realize that Tony was two years older than I, and thus, my ambition was to not get passed by him. When he passed me, I just about cried. I was very bitter. Fortunately, I'm now Tony's number one fan.
The 2006 race was also the race where a 14 year old junior named Taylor Birmann put in a time of 34:34 to win the 13/14 category. That time was special, because at the time, It was faster than my dad's.
The 2006 cycling season was bad to me, mostly because I didn't train, partly because I was going up against big kids. In the winter of 2006, my training philosophy(and my voice) changed. I was going to train hard benefit from it.
At the 2007 Willow Time Trial, I threw down the gauntlet, managing to finish in 39:20, good enough to win in the 13/14 race, and beat Alexey by a slim sixteen seconds. TJ Petzold finished with a time of 40:56. It was my first big win. The moral of the story: train hard, and you will benefit from it. Hopefully, that will happen tomorrow.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Start Times

Here they are.

Doesn't my bike look fast?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Ann Arbor Category 4 Team

Here is the roster that Mr. Lovejoy sent me:
James Anderson, Elite Jr. Team
Alexey Vermeulen, Elite Jr. Team
Caleb Bromley, Elite Jr. Team
Tom Barrett, Sr. Cat IV
Ben Caldwell, Sr. Cat IV
Brian Pirrie, Sr. Cat IV
John Lentz, Sr. Cat IV
Mac Wilkins, Sr. Cat IV

I think we have a good team, and our best rider is definitely Mac Wilkins, who is a graduate from the junior team. I think AAVC will able to get him on the podium in races. I certainly would be willing to be a domestique for him, and I'm sure Alexey would to. We're going to have fun!

I re-aggravated the road rash on my hip again. Here's how it happened. We (the guys in my youth group) were in an intense game of dodgeball. I was in jail and Jim Hughes was guarding me. Out of the blue, Kyle (I think) launched the ball towards me. I went for the ball, and so did Jim. The ball was nearing, and Jim and I were getting closer. WHAM! Jim and I collided heads, and neither of us caught the ball. It bounced off of Jim though, therefore he was out, and his team was out! We won! I guess it was worth it. I landed on my hip, making my road rash turn purple, like a blueberry. I had to put a bandage on it. Ugh.

Tomorrow is my (sniff sniff) last day at Homeschool Central.

2008 Junior Nationals

Firstly, I want to thank USA Cycling for moving Junior Road Nationals to California, the furthest continental state away from Michigan. That was sarcasm.
Secondly, I also want to thank USA Cycling for making the entry fee for Nationals $270 to do three races. That was also sarcasm.
Thirdly, I would like thank USA Cycling for making the pay-off for the National Champion zero. That's right, zero.
I would like to thank USA Cycling a lot...for messing up the 2008 Road Nationals.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday Report

It's the second to last day of Homeschool Connection, and I can't decide whether I'm happy about it or not. There are some...classes that I never liked, and some...people that were jerks to me, but all of the great classes and great people I have met far outweigh the bad.

In the long run, I'm glad that I did Homeschool Connection. Even with my Girl _______ Grammar Class, I still enjoyed it, and he, I got many inspirations for songs! I got to know a lot of my teachers, and got to know a lot of kids. I'll still come to their plays and one day...I will return, somehow.
Well anyway, I had a lot of fun in my Destination Imagination class, where we played kickball!
In Drama, we reviewed our play, did an acting game that John Henri and I introduced, and filmed more stuff for the video of our play.
In soccer, Beth Kuhl returned! She's been Maria's friend since they were little kids, and she's really good at soccer. She was on my team, and my team tied 2-2. I feel like I'm on a one-goal-per-game pace, because for something like the fifth week, I got one goal.
In GCBC, we did essays. We got out early, so I got in a lot of socializing.

I have a few things to tell my readers:
1. I got 119 visits on my blog yesterday! Thanks!
2. I got 119 visits on my blog yesterday!!! If that many of you are reading this blog, then at least some of you should be commenting.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Tour de Kids is back!!!

The Ann Arbor Velo Club has resurrected this wonderful kids' race which was my first race ever! I did it as a nine-year-old, on a pink five-speed!
Monday report to follow soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The hyenas have returned

Over a year ago, the "hyenas" came into existence. Our mission: hunt down the big guys.
Today, we returned to prominence.
It was the last week of the Spring Training Series, and we were going to make it memorable. The race was forty minutes plus two laps. Mr. Alman told me to lap the field, and I took it to heart. During the first lap, Alexey and I were sitting comfortably in the top 6. The attacks didn't come in earnest until the second lap. Two guys got away, and they looked gassed when Alexey and I bridged up to them. We had maybe ten bike-lengths on the pack. Our compatriots didn't seem very motivated and wanted to drop back to the pack, so I encouraged them on. Three more guys bridged up to us, and we had an elite group of six riders. We worked together smoothly, and in about five minutes, we couldn't see the pack behind us anymore. I knew that our breakaway was going to survive. It was going to do much more than survive; it would lap the field. Soon, we could see the pack in front of us, and we relaxed. There were about five minutes left. Before long, time had expired, and two laps remained.
The breakaway had survived, but now the question was: who would win?
I didn't like my chances in a bunch sprint, so I decided that I would have to attack the group.
Halfway into the last lap, I did just that! Unfortunately, I did not get a good enough gap, so the eventual winner got a nice leadout from me. I manged a third place finish, with Alexey getting fourth!
Sarah Uhl, a former professional racer, hung out all day and rode with us "C"s. I think she once won the National Championship. After the race, she rode a cool-down lap with Alexey and I, discussing the race with us.
I was very pleased to get into the winning breakaway. It felt so good to be going toe-to-toe with the big guns, and to be coming close to winning. Next year, I'll be out of the "C"s and hopefully I'll be racing...with the "A"s. Of course, at this point in time, I would only be able to hang on in the "B" race, but hopefully I'll be more improved next year.
Our awesome day of racing didn't end with my third place finish, though. No, next my dad finished fourth in the "A" race!!! He formed a break with "Big Ray" Dybowski and a Bissell (pro)guy, and they managed to hold off the charging peleton.
Lastly, in the junior practice/race, my little sister won the handicapped race!
What a great day of racing!
Riding with his big brothers was Vincent "Maas" Vermeulen. I'm really impressed that he, a seven year old, is mature enough to be training consistently. He's got a lot of talent, and if he diligently trains, he will be scary fast when he gets bigger. If he keeps on training, he'll be a Cat 4 by the time he's twelve. That's what training will do for you.
A few people are worried about his bike handling skills, but I'm not. After all, who was the junior who did the junior practice at the Spring Training Series in 2005, when he was nine? He happened to be riding the same bike that Maas is riding now. I'm sure you all know who that junior was.Now, have Alexey and I accomplished our goals so far?
Not quite yet.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Time Trial Practice

The AAVC junior team had a practice today, at Willow Metro Park, the site of the Willow Time Trial(TT). We had a good showing of juniors, with Abby and myself, Alexey and Vincent(Maas), and James and Charles Yerge.
Alexey's TT(aero)bars didn't fit him, and he didn't bring his TT helment or his skinsuit. Therefore, I had an unfair advantage on him with my TT bars, my TT helmet, and, my skinsuit.
Helping to lead the coaching to day was Lucas Wells, who raced as a junior rider and is still an elite rider. First, we worked on time trial starts. In a time trial start, a person holds your saddle before the start of your effort, so you have momentum. We went on the course and rode a paceline. After completing one 2.5 mile lap, we broke up into three seperate groups: Maas and Charles, Abby and James Yerge, and Alexey and I.
Dad went with Alexey and I, and boy, did my dad hammer. He was averaging 25/26 MPH, and when he pushed the pace up to about 28, Alexey and I could only hang on for about fifteen seconds. We did another one of those efforts. We were ready for the time trial. It was three laps long, and half the the distance of the official Willow Time Trial. I was aiming for Birmann's average speed of 23.07 MPH. I managed to finish with a speed of 23.11! For the official time trial I will have a wheel cover, TT wheels, and shoe covers, which all will help cut off critical seconds.

Friday, April 18, 2008

We Survived

We all showed up at 4:30, to rehearse for the play which would start at 7:00. I had stomach cramps, probably because of my nervousness. After we rehearsed, we hung out, waiting for our big moment. My mom came and snapped a few pictures. As you can see, I had makeup on.They obviously had makeup on. The thing with make-up is that it looks terrible on you when you're not on-stage.
Before the play started, Mrs. Lamb (our director and teacher) got all choked up and I think she cried a little. She put in a LOT of work for our play to succeed.
Regarding the play, we did great! There was only one scene where there was an awkward silence, and I wasn't in it! I didn't forget any lines, and after the first scene my nervousness had gone away.
I was so exhilarated to do the curtain-call at the end. I always had wanted to do that.
So after the play I just socialized with the people that I had been working on the play with since September.
From left to right: Joe(I don't know his last name), Sam Wensley (who played Mr. Beaver in the play), Me, Joe Johnson (the painfully popular ninth grader who happened to play Aslan, the hero of our play), Jared Viitala (who plays the Centaur), John Henri Rorabeck (he plays Peter, Edmund's big brother), and Adam Copelin (Home School Central person).

I was very happy to be a part of that play, and out of it I really got to know a lot of people. I also aquired a nickname that people will never stop calling me: Edmund.

Hill Repeats

So I did hill repeats yesterday. I went up this big hill in my neighborhood 10 times, in a big gear. I felt SO strong.
I'm still nervous, nervous about tonight. I'm pinning my hopes as an actor on a bunch sixth graders, seventh graders, eighth graders, and one ninth grader, not to mention a fifth grader. I was a nervous wreck last night, and I couldn't get to sleep.
I think we can manage not messing up, though. I really really really hope I'm right.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm won't be going to Regional Development Camp, because I'm too young. You're supposed to be fourteen on the day of the camp. I won't turn fourteen until November.
I'm disappointed.

One Day More

One more day of acting. One more day of having to play Edmund the traitor. One more day of having to hear about what a loser Edmund is. One more day of everyone calling me Edmund. Actually, scratch that; I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of that title. One more day of whispering lines to my fellow actors when they forget them. One more day telling people to focus.
One day more!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reader Participation

What am I going to have to do to get more people commenting on my blog? I don't just want a bunch of comments from Doug and Abby, I want everyone to comment. So what will I have to do? Post more trivia? Make longer posts? Make shorter posts? Make no posts at all so you guys will impatient and comment? Write more about cycling? Write less about cycling? Write an offensive post that will get a retaliation:-)???

Register now for the Willow TT

Registration for this race ends on Tuesday, so register now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


On our way to Maria's soccer game, we drove past my former team practicing, without me(sniff sniff). I really miss being on that team, and I hope I can see them play sometime soon.
Regarding Maria's game, her team played the Michigan school for the deaf. It was an interesting game...

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Riding Position

As you can see, I've been riding to far forward on the saddle. I'm so tight that I might not be producing the power that I can attain.
All week long I've been trying to remind myself to sit further back on the saddle. Hopefully it will soon become second nature.*Pictures by Mr. Christy

Bring it on

I've been thinking about Willow, and I've been getting some major adrenaline. Bring it on, bring it on!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Go Wings!

The Detroit Red Wings are leading their best of 7 games series against the Nashville Predators 2 games to none. They're only two wins away from advancing to the next round!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Official!

I'm now registered for the Willow Park Time Trial. I'll be the only Anderson doing it, because my dad will be in a distant country and my little sister understandably doesn't really want to race 13.2 miles as hard as she can go just to win her entry fee. My mom will take me to the race, so thanks in advance, mom.
The 13-14 category should be good; expect Alexey to come and possibly some of our teammates, in addition to Drew Bercaw, hopefully. I'm looking to shatter Birmann's time of 34:34(average of 23 MPH). I think I'm capable of doing that time and doing it would be a huge confidence boost. Winning the race doesn't mean anything to me; I just want to beat 34:34.

Friday, April 11, 2008


So I played football with my neighboors/friends today. Doing that, of course, is not the best way to heal up. I re-aggravated my right thumb, which I jammed during the Waterford crash. I got several other bruises but they were worth it. My team was versing Louie Remenapp's team. Louie Remenapp is on the Saline Middle School football team, so playing against him is a challenge. We kept pace with him, and he really didn't seem much better than us. My favorite memory was seeing little Ben Wong sprinting for at least 40 yards with Louie on his tail the whole time. Ben beat him to the endzone! There were many other memorable plays, such as David Rock (member of "The Rock Band) making a diving catch in the endzone. I also liked the play where I received the kick of, shook Patrick off of me, losing a shoe in the process, then knocking off Nick and breaking free, faced with Louie. With him draped over me, I gritted out the last few yards... for a touchdown.
I had fun.
Because of the rain, my dad doesn't want to go up to Waterford on Saturday and race. Either he doesn't want me to crash or he doesn't want to have to clean his bike. Regardless, there is still little hope for him to get out of going to the race on Sunday. He's leading the coaching, so it's his responsibility to be there!


This is the worst road rash I have. My dad's been telling me to keep it moist, so I've been putting this big bandage over it. Of course I've had to take that bandage off whenever I have to shower. To take the bandage off I have to RIP it off, which really hurts, especially when my skin has been getting red from ripping the bandage off every night.
My chin's looking good now, and the road rash on my left elbow is slowly going away. My watch won't heal though.
I hope that guy who crashed me out is happy with his fourth place finish. I hope crashing me out was worth getting fourth place. I'm certainly not happy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Waterford "A" Race Video


A new junior has joined our team. He's middle school aged and apparently he's pretty quick. I'll meet him at the race on Sunday. Alexey and I could sure use another dedicated teammate.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today we had a rehearsal for our upcoming play. Right now I think that we need a lot more time to practice because some of our actors don't have all their lines memorized. It's just not right how just a few uncommitted people can ruin it for the dedicated people. Oh well, that's life.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Well...there was a bear

I said that explanation to quite a few people at Homeschool Connection today. About twenty people asked me "What happened to your chin?" To a few I responded, "Well, there was a bear."
That was what Doug, Zack, Dad and I had decided to say when someone asked me. Either or that or "Dad hit me!" (that was Doug's idea).
But for most, I told them that I did a race and crashed. That's the one good thing about crashing; you get a lot of attention.
For a change my soccer team got annihilated. We lost 8-4, but I scored.
GCBC went fine, despite the fact that our sub teacher came late.
After eating dinner, I went on a short 45 minute ride around my neighborhood, just cruising and enjoying being on my bike in nice weather.

Soon I must shower, which means much pain. Road rash in the shower HURTS. It's funny how we cyclists suffer on the bikes without complaining but will cry like a little girl when in non-bike related pain!

Waterford Race by Mashers Media

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yeah Drew!
Go get 'em Drew!

Waterford Video


Here is a more in-depth look at the finish at Waterford. Dang, had I not crashed and kept my position, I might have finished top seven! Oh well, there's always next time.

OW OW OW OW OW!!!- STS #2 Race Report

I was not looking forward to the race today, mostly because yesterday I crashed. The race went a lot faster because went the opposite direction that it went last week. So instead of going up-hill, we went down-hill. The corner at the bottom of the hill was super fast and I was very nervous about it.
I was excited to see that Travis Littlejohn(see this post for more information) was going to do the "C" race. Apparently he has been training very diligently.
The race started with a flurry of attacks that never seemed to cease. I countered all of the moves, but none of them stayed away. Then Travis and I both broke away. He was obviously stronger than me and I was just hanging on to his wheel on the downhill. I rode another half lap with him and decided that I wasn't going to be able to hold his pace without slowing him down. So I decided to go back to the main pack and "block" for Travis, a phrase which here means, "slowing down the main pack so Travis would stay away and win". My blocking actually succeded. I accelerated up to the front of the peleton and waited for the guy who was "pulling", a phrase which here means, "leading the main group". When he "pulled off", a phrase which here means, "slowed down, and stopped leading the group", I slowed the pace drastically and no one did anything about it! The speed probably dropped from 21 to 19, and stayed there for a few seconds. By then, Travis was out of sight! With two laps to go I was hoping to move up from 10th position to maybe 5th position. I figured that I could go through the downhill corner really fast. I did, but then I realized that I WAS going really fast and I was headed straight into the curb! Before the turn I was too far on the inside of the road. I didn't have enough room to turn.
I managed to brake really hard, but doing that merely slowed me to around 10-15 MPH. WHAM! I hit the curb and went flying into the grass. Ow. Nothing was broken, just my dignity. I got back up and finished the race with the pack, not sprinting of course because I was more fresh. So I gave some riders a leadout, a phrase which here means, "pull everyone all the way up to the sprint and then drop off".
It was great to see Travis win his first race, just as much as it was to see him actually race! He did the "B" race later on and did well, I think. Chris was on fire! Since he solo'd to victory yesterday at a race in Marion, Ohio. He got third in the field sprint for an overall seventh place!
Nice job everyone who did the race. I'll be back for more pain next week, although the pain will be more of a feeling of lactic acid in my legs, not the feeling of burning road rash when in the shower or a headache from landing on my head! It was "a headstand in front of the public", as Phil Ligget would say.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Ouch!- Waterford Race Report

The Waterford race track is very smooth and good to race on. It made for an exciting race.Mr. Wieczorek was usually at the front keeping the pace high while I sat in usually third or fourth position. A lot of attacks came when Mr. W was at the the front, so I had to counter them. Those efforts tired me out so I'd go to the back of the pack and recover.
When one lap was left I was in good position for the sprint. Coming into the final corner a guy and I were bumping shoulders, fighting (figuratively) for a good position. Fortunately, my training with the AAVC junior team paid off when I managed to stay upright and come through the corner in good position. Then I wasn't so lucky. That same guy came charging up from behind me and clipped the left side of my handlebar. Oh, great I thought here we go again! The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground. My ribs hurt horribly and breathing in hurt me. I crawled onto the grass and laid down, in pain. After a while, a guy came over to me and asked "You alright?" Yeah, of course I thought I'm only just on the ground dying! Dad, Zack, Doug and Tony came rushing over. I kept lying down, closing my eyes. After about five minutes the pain subsided a little and I got up. I had road rash on my hips, elbow, and my chin.
Mr. Wieczorek ended up WINNING the race!I got back on my bike and finished but by then the officials had left and the results had probably been posted already.
We bandaged me up and I was good to go. I filmed the "A" race, where my dad, Zack and a number of their teammates performed very well with John Rigdon getting seventh, my dad eighth, and Tony twelfth out of 47 riders.
We returned home only to shower and leave immediately for the AAVC club party. There we ate and socialized. The Vermeulens even came, in addition to a new family juniors that have joined our team! We took a team picture:Later on we had awards. I won the most improved junior and Alexey won the rider of the year!

Scott Gifford won the most improved adult rider and Dmo was rider of the year!!!
We also got out new kits. For you non-cyclists, a "kit" is a combination of a biking jersey and biking shorts. I'm really going to like our kits.
Well, I should probably should get off the computer and get some sleep because I'm racing tomorrow at Runway Plaza. I'm gonna be REALLY sore!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Why have 9 people voted for "Girl-Infested Grammar Class" on my latest poll??? There are only 6 other people in the class.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


So I returned to the group ride again with the same thought going around in my head: "Oh boy, I'm gonna get dropped!"
The result was much better than my expectation. I felt much stronger, and I only got dropped once, and that time I was able to bridge back up on my own. My dad was doing TEN sprint intervals! I also happened to lose TWO more waterbottles!!!
Riding with us were Rich, Zack, Chris, Eric, Mr. Lovejoy, Kurt, Mr. Lentz, Mr. Zaccone and a bunch of riders from Two Wheel Tango/AAVC.
At one of the stops, the group went on without Dad and I because we were waiting for Zack and Chris who were doing something. So we just hammered for about ten minutes to get back to the group. We were doing a rotating paceline, and when I saw my wattage hovering around 340, I decided to sit out a few pulls. We caught back on, and the pace was slower, only like 21 MPH. I was talking to Zack about Regional Camp when we hit a bad stretch of road. Then the pace kicked up big time. I was glued to Rich's wheel. The pace was around 25-28, but I was hanging on! After about five minutes of pain, Mr. Zaccone attacked up a hill and I countered him! I got on his wheel and sprinted by him, reaching the top. I looked back and saw that I had a gap on the group, so I slowed. Rich and co. came storming back and the pace resumed at it's high intensity. A nice paceline was going, and I was fourth wheel, right behind Rich. Eventually Rich was at the front. He hammered for maybe two miles and I was suffering like a dog. At that point it was all mental. I just kept saying to myself: "Don't get dropped, don't worry, the pain will be over soon."
Sure enough, I survived.
We averaged 20.94 MPH for 35 miles and most of it was very painful, but the best part of cycling is being able to look back on your performance without any regret.
About 20 minutes after the ride, I finally stopped gasping for air. I hadn't suffered that bad since my 30 minute critical power test.
But it was fun.

The Time is Growing Closer

Since I'm now officially going to WCA in the fall, I've had to give people letters of recommendation to fill out. I already gave one to my youth group leader and my favorite teacher from Homeschool Central, Mrs. Toole. I'm also supposed to give one to my English teacher.
Today was my last "Official" day of Homeschool Central, ever. My Physical Science class will go on for three more weeks but my Mime&Improv class is over. I'm a little sad because I might not see some of these people ever again.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Results

2008 Quick Release Event Promotions Spring Training Series Results

Week # 1 – March 30, 2008

“C” Race – (26 entrants)

1. Brian Jankowski Racing Greyhounds
2. Adam Sulkes Racing Greyhounds
3. Matt Yonkins Racing Greyhounds
4. Don Amboyer Wolverine Sports Club
5. Dan Rutkowski
6. James Anderson (Jr) AAVC
7. Lee Duhl
8. David Palan Prestige CC
9. Ken Davidson Racing Greyhounds
10. Derek Gibbs
11. Rich Hughes AAVC
12. Doug Wilson AAVC
13. Aaron Osborn AAVC
14. Lexi Vermeulen (Jr) AAVC
15. Rudolh Arellano
{Note: Ryan DeCook was first placed rider (“B” racer)}

“B” Race – (23 entrants)

1. Allen Antonuk Trails Edge Cyclery
2. Ryan DeCook Cadence Cycle
3. Brent Steinberg U/A
4. Andrew Florian Priority Healt/AAVC
5. Jonathon Brinkman Maumee Valley Wheelmen
6. Adam Sulkes Racing Greyhounds
7. Rodger Bowser Priority Health/AAVC
8. Ben Penner AAVC
9. Loren Simons Cisco Cycling
10. Doug Gatto South Lyon CC
11. Dave Riggs U/A – Pearl Izumi
12. Andrew Zakel U/A
13. Steve Lininger U/A
14. Brian Jankowski Racing Greyhounds
15. Matt Yonkins Racing Greyhounds
(Primes: Yonkins, Antonuk, Jankowski)

“A” Race – 44 entrants

1. Bart Carlson West Michigan Coast Riders
2. Vince Roberge JCBA/South Lyon CC
3. Ray Dybowski Wolverine Sports Club
4. Robert Iser Midwest Cycling Group
5. Mike Busa RGF Solutions
6. Phantom Rider – South Lyon…
7. Darrell Anderson South Lyon Cycle
8. Mark Cahn Cadieux CC/O2

Racing on the Weekend

On Saturday I'll be racing at Waterford and on Sunday I'll be doing the "C" race again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A New Kind of Pain

Instead of three twenty minute intervals at 160 watts, tonight I'll be doing five four minute intervals, in betweem 180 and 200 watts. At least the pain will be quick!

Good Reading So Far

"Roadie" has been good so far. I just finished reading about bonking, and Mr. Smith summed it up pretty good. When you bonk you feel like a truck hit you!