Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dexter Criterium: Report

Because my race was at 12:15, and dad's was at 2:30, we slept in(a little). We arrived in time for the cat 4 race at 9:15. Colton was having his debut for the 4s. Rodger, Zach, Mr. Caldwell, Doug and Scott Gifford were ready to storm it. Colton dropped his chain about 5 laps in, and couldn't catch on. Doug and Zack seemed to be really mixing it up and not giving the field a rest. Zack in my opinion had one of his best races, ever, today. He crashed midway through but got back on the peleton. Rodger put in a commendable solo breakaway, at times with a 20 second lead. He was eventually pulled back but he managed top 6 (?) in the sprint and AAVC put a lot of guys in the top ten. Hours later, while cruising by the parked cars, I saw the SUV, I saw the Dog, I saw the Lemond bike, I saw the person with the Lemond bke, and I saw BTR all over again. Okay, I'm being dramatic. The Vermeulens came along with a huge junior field. Ritter, Brinkman, Birmann, Wieczorek, Veltkamp, Kroll, Cote, Mcbride, Jacobsen, Wendorf, Kiel-Locey, Lalonde, Davis, Bromley, Liberacki, Florian, Warbasse, Vermeulen, Vermeulen, Anderson, and Peterson. There might of been others too. Much to my dismay, we were racing 17-18, 15-16, 13-14 and 10-12, so much for being able to compete against Rudy. His birthday is in February and mine's in November and Alexey's in December, so I'm a racing age year older than Rudy. It was Rem, Jakob and Rudy in the 10-12 category. Eric Lalonde (of the Maple Leaf Cycling Club), Me, Alexey and Joe in 13-14. I'm not not exactly sure who was in 15-16 and 17-18. I was extremely nervous about Eric. Eric, probably with a racing age of 14, did very well last year with a time of 35 minutes in the 20k. We started off fast, Eric on the front, dropping Joe. I went for an attack on the first lap, getting a good gap on Eric, who was about 5 bike lengths in front off Alexey. On the second lap, Alexey passed Eric and got my wheel and we really hammered. He was accelerating at the top of the hill and gapping me so I began pulling him up the hill. We couldn't see Eric anymore and Myles Davis and Caleb were looming ahead of us. On the downhill section, as the older guys were passing us, a priority guy overlapped Alexey's wheel, hit it, and went flying into the grass. We caught Myles and eventually caught Rudy and Rem. Later on, Rudy caught onto our wheel and our group of Myles, Rudy, Alexey and I stayed intact throughout the rest of the race. On the last lap, up the final hill I was pulling but near the top Alexey took the lead, gapping us. He had about 3 bike lengths flying downhill. I think at that point we dropped Rudy, but Myles was on my wheel. I chased Alexey down. He was starting his sprint just in front of me just as Myles and I were closing in. Alexey was fading fast, and we all threw our bikes at the line. It was a photo finish, but Alexey took it by about a half foot or less. I was really hurting with stomach cramps after we sat up.
Dad won a prime, but then spectacularly crashed, injuring his hip, his finger, his shoulder, and scraping his shoulder region. He was forced to be a spectator, watching Joey Schaard take the win.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I lost to my mom in scrabble.

Dexter Criterium: Preview

Adults: A huge showing in the pro 1/2 men will suffer for 90 minutes up the torturous hill, down the torurous descent, and through the torturous flat. Nate Williams will look to expand his...large lead in cat 3.

I think Alexey and I will be able to hang on I think, depending on what kind of a day Brinkman has. If Tony shows, we'll definetely be able to hang on, because when Chris and Tony race each other, it's a chess match(a really slow one). The hill might spell doom though for Alexey and I.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Check out my dad's blog. He's been down on visits lately.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Up in the U.P. (eh)

I've been up there in the UP. I'll be home sooner than you can say "I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really like pizza".

I'm making the most of it though. I got to ride at Mackinac Island. We put our bikes (and ourselves) on a ferry and sailed to the island.
I've been really tired lately, sleeping in (to 8:30), and breathing really deeply. I hope I'll be not tired by The Dexter Criterium.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Michigan Points Challenge: Mid-Season Report

Men 1-2: The Favorite: Gregory Christian (WMCR)
Still in contention: James Meurig, Todd Shoberg, Steve Clark, Jon Card
Summary: WMCR and Saturn of Toledo Shell both have powerhouse teams ready to storm the Michigan race scene for the next half.

Men 3: The Favorite: Nate Williams (WMCR)
Runner-Up: Joey Schaard (SLC)
In the Mix: Scott Kroske, Darrell Anderson, Chris Uberti.
Summary: Williams has it locked up pretty much, but SLC is dominating the team race.

Men 4: The Favorite: Peter Beels.
Still in Contention: Chad Everts, Eric Hinderager, John Coates.
Summary: This race is going right down to the wire, I can't guess who will win.

Ladies 1-3: The Favorite: Mackenzie Woodring
Battling for Second: Kelly Paterson, Jennifer Mitchell, Julie Bellerose.
Summary: Woodring has a HUGE cushion, with about FIFTY POINTS on the closest, due to her super fast team.

Ladies 4: The Favorite: Maia Orabi.
Still in Contention: Tory Monica, Heather Mitchell.
Summary: I haven't seen much of them, but I like Monica's chances.

Boys 10-12: The Favorite: Nikolaas "Rem" Vermeulen.

Boys 13-14: The Favorite: Alexey Vermeulen.
Right on his wheel: James Anderson, Pieter Casteleyn.
Summary: Let's not get into discussion about this, okay.

Boys 15-16: The Favorite: Tony.
A close Second: Noah.
Third: Caleb.
Summary: This race will be decided by what category Tony chooses to race.

Boys 17-18: The Favorite: Chris Brinkman.
Right on his Wheel: Dan Ritter
Right on the wheel of the guy who's behind the wheel of Chris Brinkman: Colton Liberacki.
Summary: Chris is the sprinter, but can't time trial like Dan, who is working for Chris in the crits, a well balanced team.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

2007 State TT Championship: Report

Rolled up to the start line behind two of the Virtue triplets. I started off averaging about 22-23 for the first mile or so, and then settled into my TT pace, about 21. After passing the Virtue boys and was all by myself for about 2 miles. Then Tony and Veltkamp, battling it out, passed by me. I kept expecting the turn around to come soon but it didn't. For sure they changed it, adding on probably .1 of a mile (either that or they didn't). At that point my time was about 17:30, I was on pace for 35. Two short hills slowed me down to 18, but I kept on chugging. In the last mile to go I was keeping a steady 23. I accelerated as I tried with all my being to beat 35, then 35:14, but it wasn't going to happen. My time was 35:32, good, but not great. Among the 40K-ers, Doug Gatto did 1:02:55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Burrows took a 1:00:32, and dad took second to Nate Williams with a time of 58:59!
Immediately following the race, Tony and his Dad took off to Junior Road Cycling Camp in Wisconsin. I volunteered to take his twenty dollars and medal and give it back to him at Dexter, so if my house gets robbed I'll know why.
In the 17-18 ranks, Dan Ritter missed first by about 10 seconds, while Chris Brinkman trailed by 30 seconds. This is one, and maybe the only chink in Brinkman's armor, he sprints like Mcewen, but can't keep up in the race of truth.

Going to the TT

I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'M READY!
~Spongebob Squarepants

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Prepping for the Race

I awoke with a start as dad said "James, we have practice today". We got to Dexter High School a little bit late, without my sunglasses. Just Coach Christy, Stephen, the Vermeulen's and us. Alexey had a Hockey meeting/conditioning/thing at the same place, but he chose cycling over it. We warmed up and did some serious skills on the grass. Alexey and I were bumping shoulders, wheels, elbows, heads, and all matter of body parts (not to mention trying to push each other of his bike). Rem, Alexey, Stephen and I went into the bike corral, a game of mental toughness and tactics, a gladiator fight if you will. It's simple, but extremely pleasurable. Everyone goes inside a circle or a square, and they try to knock each other off the ground or out of the circle/square. I got pounded in the first two, as Stephen solicited himself as the favorite. I eventually won one, and stayed competitive in every one. Alexey had a few crashes, but stayed in the circle, where as my problem was getting pushed out by Stephen (I tried to headbutt him away). Rem was nice and steady. It all came down to the last one. Rem was done first, then Alexey, now just me and Stephen. It was a chessmatch. For minutes we road around. Then, I lost.

We road over to Dexter Bike & Sport, where we stayed sitting in the massage chairs, looking at stuff, and buying stuff. We road the Dexter Criterium course, spotted Mack Wilkins, and rode back to the car, and then drove home, and then I started blogging.


My Google Analytics is now working, and I had 54 pageviews yesterday!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Come On People

This is looking poor. What has happened to the 13-14 boys field? I guess I should of guessed. Anyway, Alexey will be at the Kid's tri in Saline (where I live), so you'd better hang out at that race, cause it's gonna be a big field. But I am deeply shamed. What has happened to michigan junior racing? Only half of the junior boys are from Michigan! It's kind of weird, this race, the State Championships, never gets as much as the Cycling Saddlemen's version of Hines Drive, and for some reason, I like the Cycling Saddlemen one more.

I guess it would be safe to say that this 13-14, besides AAVC, is the weakest in years. I'm not going to get in trouble, the only 13-14 boys are AAVC. Still, it's a race against the clock.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alexey's Race

You all know me, probably some of you know Alexey. You probably know of Rudy Peterson. You might know that I've raced Rudy before. You probably didn't know that Alexey raced Rudy before. You might know about the BTR Criterium, in which I bonked and Rudy rode away from me, leave his sister Jackie to suck my wheel for the whole race. In BTR, Rudy's move was perfectly fine, now that I think of it, and clever. You for sure probably don't know that In a triathlon, Rudy Peterson, son of Houston Peterson, shaved his head and wrote "C Ya" on it, and beat Alexey by nineteen seconds.
Sure he's a kid, but this might be a tad too far.
Rudy might not always be beating Alexey.
And when Alexey sees the five fingered boy, he will go up to him and say, "hello, my name is Alexey Vermeulen, you killed my dignity, prepare to lose." (that was a joke, remember The Princess Bride?)
Rudy will see when Alexey is pushing him to the limit, that this is no longer a game. It's officially become a race.
Maybe in the future things will shape up between Rudy, Alexey and I. Maybe we'll find an ally in him at junior nationals next year. It's also a bad idea for me to jump to conclusions. Hey, Alexey might be laughing at Rudy. Just keep in mind that Rudy is a human being, just like all of us, and his feelings can be hurt too. Just try to keep it all in perspective.


I got dropped at crit practice. We showed up about 20 minutes late and the ace started without out me. I tried to get back on, but failed. The next one, I got dropped. I think I was still aching from Recovery Ride. Another one, and I got dropped. One more, I got dropped. The next one, I was sick of getting dropped and I figured why not try a break. Breaks are better, because instead of getting dropped you're ahead of the peleton. Well, it was five laps, and I built up my lead with about 15-20 seconds on the field. I made one lap, and still couldn't see the pack. Another, and they were closing in. Doug was trying to break away, and he and the field passed me about halfway into the lap. Then I got dropped. Well, it was enjoyable.

Does anybody know when the start lists come out for the State Championships?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Le Tour duh France

Yellow Jersey: With the absence of Basso, I look for Alejandro Valverde, "the Green Bullet" to win the whole thing, but there is a chance he might not start making Alexandre Vinokourov the clear favorite. Other contenders include Levi, Mancebo or any Astana riders. There's a possibility that if Dave Z can dominate the time trials and limit his losses in the mountains, he could be looking at a top 15 finish.

Green Jersey: Mcewen is undoubtedly the man, but look for young Danele Bennati to make a big impact on the Tour. Boonen just doesn't have it in him to go all the way. Milram will need to decide which leader they will lead out. Look for Jean Patrick Nazon and Olaf Pollack to be in the mix as well as Discovery's Allan Davis.

Polka-Dot: Guys, this isn't a prediction, Michael Rasmussen will win.

Monday/Gnarly Crash

Yesterday, Dad and I organized a small group ride out of Smoothie King consisting of Mr. Lovejoy, Rich Stark and Anastasia Yokum. Dad forgot his shoes and was riding sandals until mom drove up with his shoes. The Vermeulens met up with us. Rem had crashed and had some major road rash, so his day was done. As for the ride, is was the fastest recovery ride-no, the fastest group ride I've ever done, at times we were probably averaging 22-25 MPH (miles per hour) then slowing down. Alexey and Dad were talking about me. Rich was ripping me on my lack of knowledge of cyclocross results. Hey, you can only be a stats geek for so many sports. But seriously, Alexey wasn't playing. He seriously was trying to drop some people.

We all went our own seperate ways and I enjoyed a Chocolate milkshake from Smoothie King.

Monday, June 18, 2007

More pics

Here are some pictures taken by my little sister Abby on our camcorder. In all, there were probably thousands of pictures taken at Allen Park.

A sad day

My size 4 soccer ball is officially flat.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thanks Mom!

Thanks mom and sisters for taking me to the race!

Did I mention?

That I won a Maxxis T-shirt. First place picked a prize first, then second, then third. Alexey got a tour de france hat, and Rem got a shimano hat.

Allen Park 07: Report

Woke up at 6 and drove over to Allen Park with Mom and the girls, and got there at about 7:30, AM. We got my number and I warmed up, waiting for the Vermeulens to show up. They showed at about 7:50, and Alexey wasn't warming up until about 8:10. His cleats were in bad shape, so he needed borrow his mom's speedplays. As for competition, well, fairly predictable. The 10-14 category was, Vince Pugliese (not AAVC), Adam (AAVC), Jakob (AAVC), Rem (AAVC), Alexey (AAVC) and me (AAVC).
15-18 featured Colton, Caleb, Chris, Dan, Noah, Jordan and Tony.
Right off the bat, Vince was itching to go. I was expecting it, but this was a little too early. So, I followed his wheel. Jakob, had some trouble getting into his peddles, and I failed to see, so Jakob didn't even have a chance to get on. I went by Vince, determined to give him a punishing he would remember. Alexey followed us while Adam was dropped and Rem was in no man's land.
After one lap, Vince just popped and Alexey and I went on. The first prime came and Alexey took it by about a bike length, and we continued. Chris took Tony in the sprint by a very close margin.
We lapped Jakob and Adam, and at the same time Caleb was dropped from the 15-18s. Another prime was announced, but I didn't realize it was also for the 10-14 juniors. So when Alexey sprinted and threw his bike, I figured it out. Oops.
It seemed the 15-18s were just taking a recovery ride, on tricycles. So when Alexey and I went by them, they sped up. Then we lapped Vince and Rem, trying to get Rem on our wheel without picking up Vince. It worked and Rem was on our wheel in another Kensington like scenario. Then there were 3 laps to go.
With 2 to go, I was at the front,
liking my chances.
But with 1 to go, with Alexey at the front and me behind Rem, I thought that if A
lexey were to make any acceleration and drop or gap Rem, I would have to go by Rem to catch Alexey. With that in mind, I jumped but gave up seeing Alexey next to me. Alexey was speeding up just before the turn up the elevation on the finishing straight so I figured he'd gap Rem, so I snuck in behind Alexey. Making the turn, I sprinted, maybe to early, Alexey came around me, I tried again slowly gaining feet, but I was running out of road. Given a few more meters, I might of been able to snatch the win, but Alexey won by about half a wheel.
On the last lap,
Tony and Chris broke away and I was almost sure Tony was going to win, but Brinkman slowly pulled by and won by about a wheel. Dan Ritter took third.

In masters, 45+, Mr. Lovejoy was in his groove again, taking around 15th place.
Moving on to Cat 4. Mr. Wieczorek was stirrin
g things up again, going on a 3 lap break with another rider. The winning break was formed on the second to last lap, made up of Brent del Rosario and Brandon Densen (denson, menson, mensen, I don't really know his name) and Brandon won just as the pack swallowed up Brent. Zack put in a 5th place finish.
Then we had to leave. I was disapointed because I not only wanted too see Tony and South Lyon, give a smackdown, I also wanted to see the Women's race, and MAAS TAKE THE KID'S RACE BY MINUTES! Unfortunately for Maas, Vince Pugliese was going to participate in the kid's race, as he does every year. I didn't think that was cool, and that was another good reason for dropping him!
It was just an AWESOME RACE. I don't know how to describe it, but it's just a cool race. One factor to the coolness was Joe Lekovish being the an
nouncer. Great race.

Rem: Eww.
James: I really like pizza.
Alexey: Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

Friday, June 15, 2007

More Information

I just got a tip, from someone with some inside information. Well you're just going to have to find out.


I am so stoked!

Allen Park: what to look for

Juniors 10-14: Look for the 13-14 Ann Arbor Velo Club guys James and Alexey, to gang up on Rudy Peterson, and try to somehow wrestle his dominance of Allen Park from him. 10-12 AAVC juniors Jakob Kiel-Locey and "Rem" Vermeulen will try to zip by Maple Leaf Cycling Club members Joey Fornatran and Vince Pugliese.

Juniors 15-18: Look for South Lyon Cycle riders Tony Wieczorek and Taylor Birmann try to upset the favorite, Chris Brinkman, with a show of tactics and mental toughness. Also, AAVC members Caleb Bromley, Colton Liberacki, and possibly Mack Wilkins will have an advantage with the most teammates. 15-16 boys Michigan Points Challenge leader Noah Veltkamp will attempt to keep his lead for another race.

Men Cat 5: Look for Mike Birmann of South Lyon Cycle to continue his unbelievable, tyrannical, heroic, (sandbagging) cat 5 massacre, (unless if he's upgraded, then he'd win Cat 4!).

Men Cat 4: Look for AAVC members Zack Maino, Ben Caldwell, Scott Gifford, Rodger Bowser, Mark Lovejoy and South Lyon Cycle members Dominic Wieczorek and Doug Gatto to attack the peloton, multiple times, and if the attacks don't work, AAVC has a powerful sprinter in Eric Hinderager.

Men Cat 3: Look for a closely contested race between Joey Schaard's South Lyon Cycle, and Scott Kroske's Wolverine Sports Club. I would have to say that South Lyon has much more depth than WSC, with Rune Duke and Chris Uberti waiting for opportunities. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Tony and Taylor tried a break. Also watch out for Cory Dubrish and Chris Brinkman trying to steal the win.

Men Cat 1/2: Priority Health, West Michigan Coast Riders, WSC, this race is wide open, but I have a gut feeling that Blair Dudley is in the mood to win, either him or Shoberg, Rytlewski, Christian, Tarrant, or anybody else strong enough.

Women Cat 4: I'd look for Monica Troy to take the win.

Women Cat 1-3: Watch for the Green train of Priority Health leading out Mackenzie Woodring, in a tight sprint with Julie Bellerose of Team Aberdeen.

Men Masters: Steve Macgregor, Matt Thourot or maybe Terry Palmer. Dave Linden for 55+.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Went to Rolling Hills on the spur of the moment with family (except dad) and a friend of Maria's. As good as it was, it was nothing like Zehnders Splash Village in Frankenmuth.


If you're going to Allen Park, stick around for the kid's race. There you will see Vincent "Maas" Vermeulen's racing debut, which he will probably win!

Report on Crit practice

We returned to crit practice. This time, Rem, Alexey and Mr. Vermeulen showed, intent on dishing out some major pain. I hardly remember what happened in each race, but I think we started out with a 10 or 7 lapper. Alexey, Rem and I got dropped, Rem first. It was just me and Alexey, again. Then I looked behind me, and low and behold, I apparently had dropped Alexey, because I couldn't see him. What really happened was Alexey had eaten some jerky on the way there and went into the porta-potty, and promptly threw up. He came back just in time to beat me in a close sprint. We sat out the next race and watched BLAIR DUDLEY school everybody in the sprint! I think the next one we did Alexey beat me by about a bike length in a sprint. For the next race, a five lapper, Alexey and I decided to go, and rode away from the group as the race started. Well, we lasted about 2/3s of a lap until other breaks passed us. And we got dropped. This time I was in front of Alexey and I was trying to hammer so hard that he wouldn't be able to come around me. Well it worked and I took him by about a bike length. There was another race, where I think I outsprinted Alexey, I think. The next one Rem and Alexey went, and I tried my hand at blocking. I could of tried my bottom for all it mattered. So Alexey and Rem got dropped and then I got dropped. I was riding all by myself and I couldn' t see Alexey anywhere. Cool, now one lap to go. There was Alexey waiting on the side of the road, ready to school me in the sprint. Terrified, I sprinted before he could get started and grab my wheel. I ended beating him by maybe10 or 15 seconds. In one race, (I can't remember which one) Randy led Alexey and I out. I'm pretty sure Alexey beat me by foot. Mom came out to watch, which was cool.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'm really gonna bug my dad about doing this race next year.


Alexey took third in the 13-14 category, and Rem WON!


Alexey and Rem went up to canada on sunday and raced in huge junior fields. Rem's 11-12 category had 12 riders!
I wish I did a race that had someone not on my team. Even though it is cool having fast teammates, it's no fun when you and your teammmates don't have anyone to beat the heck out of.


I thought you said you were going to make a blog?

Wouldn't it be funny...

If it was just me, the V kids and Jakob in the 10-14 category.

I just realised that so far this year, I have yet to race against someone not on my team.

Monday, June 11, 2007

It's not funny

Guys, Spongebob Squarepants is kind of dumb.


You guys, I'm not joking. Are we gonna do this the easy way, or the hard way?

'Twas the week of Allen Park

'Twas the week of the race
And James really thought
He'd get first or second place
With the sweet bike he's got

And among the Cat 3s
The adults had their fears
Of the the quick junior riders
Less than half the adults' years

And James and Alexey were hoping
That they would soon find
Competition that wasn't doping
So they could kick some behind

And inside his house
James was fuming
He seemed a grouse
His battle he was losing

For went he went to push the "slash" button
It wouldn't respond
And he thought that was rotten

And he was resolved
With a snarl on his face
His sprinting would be solved
He'd win that dang race

Okay People

Someone needs to provide me with results or report(via midwest cycling group, mbra, etc) or I might start reciting Spongebob Sqarepants episodes.


I've been busy lately. Spent yesterday kicking balls and shooting basketballs with fellow middleschoolers after church, then went home and we ate a homeade pancake breakfast/lunch. Dad and I went on a short little ride up to runway plaza and back. My new computer died at the start, but came to life later on, reading kilometers. On the way back we were holding 40-45. After that friends came over. I had an epic whiffleball game with my buddy, one on one, without pitcher's hand.
After they left we watched the end of Napoleon Dynamite on TV.
I've got more people coming over in twenty minutes.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I'm registered

I'm registered.

Well, forget about that

Dad came home this morning and we drove over to Willow Metropark and met up with Mr. Lovejoy, Jakob and his mom. Jakob was very stong, he's improved a lot from the last time I rode with him. We rode back over to lower huron via bike path. We went at a speed of around 18-20 M.P.H. (miles per hour). Dad and I then rode back to Willow via bike path and hammered with an average of 22 M.P.H. (miles per hour). I did a three lap time trial on the traditional Willow TT course, while dad did four laps. I was surprised at my time. The last time I did a three lapper, I did 20:33 with a TT helmet and TT bars. This time I did 19:05 with out TT bars or TT helmet. I came into contact with a cycling saddleman (get it). It's kind of weird the way that basically every member of Cycling Saddlemen mistakes me for Tony. I guess there is a reason. The same bike, same wheels, same height.
If you do Cedar Creek, and your reading my blog, feel free to post a comment about the race (after it's finished).

Friday, June 8, 2007


Okay, now dad just got stranded in Roanoke, so much for tommorrow's junior ride. Well, what are you going to do?


Dad's going on a trip on the weekend of Allen Park. Mom's gonna take me, so I guess I'll have t0 learn how to use our bike rack on the top of our car.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Sorry dmo. Maybe they'll win next year.

Greatest. (even more sarcasm)

The Ducks won the Stanley Cup.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Allen Park's gonna be awesome!

I can hardly wait for Midwest Cycling Group's annual Allen Park Criterium, the best crit in Michigan. If you're not going to race it, at least show up to watch it (Joe Lekovish might be the Announcer/Commentator!). It draws a large junior field, there were eleven 10-14 juniors in 2006, in which Taylor Birmann outsprinted Tony Wieczorek in a close race. I took seventh. It's gonna be even better this year, because I'll be contending for the win.

I forgot to mention

My dad got me a sweet bike computer, which is very complex. I haven't had a working bike computer this year since my cat-eye broke. I finally know how fast I'm going, which, is cool.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Math lesson

Okay kids, if I road one hour at 16 M.P.H. how many miles did I go?

Back on the Road

Road outside today for the first time since the crash. Road for an hour doing M2 (3-5 work intervals of 6-12 minutes with 2-3 minutes of recovery in between) with an average of 16 m.p.h. (miles per hour).

Even Greater. (Sarcasm)

The Ducks won Game 4.

Dark times are ahead

Look out Cat 3, Scot Kroske upgraded!!! The Birmingham native riding for Wolverine Sports club has moved on from beating the snot out of the Cat 4s and now he will beat the snot out of the Cat 3s! He's a very strong rider.

New Helmet

I got a medium BellTM Furio today. It's good that I can ride outside now. I'm aiming for under 36 at the state time trial, just in case you wanted to know.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Made you look!

School's Over!

School is done, and Summer has just begun. I'm looking forward to Allen Park, where Alexey and I will try to finish 1/2 against the likes of Joey Fornatran and rival, Rudy Peterson. Alexey and him competed against each other in triatholons last year. But so far, Rudy leads the series 3-1. My last race against Rudy I bonked. I bonked because of a tragic overload of red bull and doughnuts on race day, just ask Rune Duke.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saunier Duval

Those guys did awesome.


My man Savoldelli (Il Falco) takes the time trial, Di Luca stays in pink, (hehe, he's wearing pink!). It was unbelievable (apparently).

Friday, June 1, 2007


We played Scrabble today. I took a huge lead with a triple word score on enquiry, for which i received 66 points. I continued to build my lead. Maria and my mom were taking forever, so I kicking around a hacky-sack. I apologised after I ruined the scrabble board with my Hacky-sack. Ups.