Friday, October 31, 2008

Funny Things

Here's the first funny thing: I did one fifteen minute zone five interval with the brake rubbing. Needless to say, I burned a lot of rubber and got a good workout in.
Here's the second funny thing; I saw five teenaged boys dressed up as teletubbies today! It made my day.

Tomorrow is going to SWEET. Dad and I are going to the cyclocross race at Vet's Park.Dad, Joe Lekovish, and I are going to be the best fans there. We're going to bring a drum, and Joe's bringing several banners! Come if you can, because it's going to be a fun time.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Dumbest Holiday Ever

When people ask me if I'm going trick-or-treating, my response is always no. I grew up never really being that involved with Halloween. I bet that trick-or-treating would be fun, but the whole concept of Halloween just rubs me the wrong way. Why would we dedicate a whole day to glorifying death, witches, and various satanic things. In a sense, the disgusting-ness of Halloween is almost funny. People spend so much time decorating their houses and lawns with fake spiders, ghosts, tombstones, and other things symbolic of death. What about this stuff is good? How does it entertain you. Why would you want to remind yourself of the fact that one day you will die?
I think Halloween can be a decent holiday, if not abused. So don't abuse it, please.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


As you might guess, today's topic is about expectations, which have been playing an interesting role in my life as of late. You all heard about my famous pet peeve speech that become known throughout school. Thanks to that speech, everyone now expects me to deliver an A+ speech every time. Fortunately, I managed an A+ish demonstration speech. The long and short of it is, that eventually, I am going to have a lame speech, and when I do, people will be disappointed because they expected more of me. They had great expectations. In my opinion, you should always do your best and always try to get an A+, but you should never get the idea that you are better than anyone else. I ran into that problem this year. As all of you know, I had a great 2007 racing season. I trained well and raced well. I had great expectations going into the 2008 season. I trained even harder, but my mental attitude was completely off. I was far too cocky, telling myself the great things I would do. I told myself I would beat Taylor Birmann's time, place well in a Cat 4 race, and place on the podium at Nationals. Guess what, none of those things happened. In fact, almost the opposite happened. As I had a terrible season, Alexey had a great season because he was determined to train harder than anyone else. He came into the season with low expectations and went out with great results. That's what I want to do for next season.
I'm going to train diligently, and come to race with a mental attitude of "You know what, I might not win this race, I might even get dropped, but whatever I get, I'll be content with."
I highly expect to have low expectations.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Junior Team Preview

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time.
Now that the soccer season is over, I've had a lot of time to think about the upcoming cycling season. I've only been training once or twice per week, but I think Dad is going to write me a training plan pretty soon. I'm kind of worried about how I'm goin to ride 450 hours next year. It'll be tough, but fortunately my schoom generally doesn't assign a lot of homework. .
If I'm in good shape by the time the racing season comes around, my team probably should be pretty dominant. We're going to have a lot of returning strong riders like Alexey, myself, Jordan Sanford, and Eddie Kelley. I believe we'll have two new acquisitions. One us Jeff Knight,who just moved back to Michigan. From what I hear, he rides his bike a lot. Another addition might be this eighth grader from my school. He watches the Tour de France and shows a solid knowledge of cycling (although he pronounces Jan Ulrich's name wrong and doesn't think that Ulrich doped). He says that he rides 20-30 miles a day, so I believe him.

We've also got plenty if others on our team that are ready to step up. Rem definitely has some raw takent, and if he trains that talent, he'll br a stud. With training, Jeff Xu is going to get pretty fast, because at the last junior practice I coukd tell that he's got some decent form.
Of course Abby's going to have a fun season next year. She's going to have a battle royal with Riley Peterson in all the races.
I'm sure the season is going to be incredibly fun!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soccer Pics

Jesse (#5) tries to inspire a comeback against the homeschool team, but it just isn't good enough.Tanner makes sure the ball isn't going in during our first visit with Greenhills.

My first goal against Agape!
Tanner makes a sliding save as Justin shields his opponent from the ball, in the game against Hillsdale.

One of the late second half goals against Lutheran Westland.Mason nets the game winner!!!

Good memories.

(pictures by Mrs. Pipe)

End of the Season

We lost to Greenhills in Districts, so the season is over now. That really annoys me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


While I was watching the Lions break my heart, I went to Versus to watch Cyclism Sunday. Cyclism Sunday wasn't on, but this thing called "Slamball" was. Slamball is basically an overly physical version of basketball, using trampolines. In my opinion, it was pretty interesting, and that's coming from a basketball-hater.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Speech

The Dumbest Idea Ever

All classes at WCA have great teachers, and most classes at WCA have good student participation. However, there is a small minority of classes that contain students who would be willing to bury themselves in negligence, clothe themselves with disobedience, and rebel against school rules. These people all do one thing in common: text during class.

Texting in class is the dumbest idea ever. To begin with it’s risking getting caught and having your phone confiscated. If you continue to text in class, you will find yourself in DETENTION. You are depriving yourself of knowledge by focusing on your phone instead of listening to the teacher. Now that’s fine with me if you’re content with failing the class!

What I’m curious to know is what you text about. I get the feeling that these lawbreakers text in class not to discuss something with their friend, but to simply put an exclamation point on how they are breaking school rules. I picture a texter-in-class texting to his fellow texter-in-class, “Hey, I’m texting in class!” and his buddy responding, “Hey I’m texting in class too!

Let me give you an example of texting in class. Let’s pretend there’s this guy named Randy, and let’s pretend he’s in my Spanish class. Remember this is hypothetical. Let’s pretend that Randy has got his backpack on his desk, covering his cell phone. Randy has been texting in class for the past ten minutes. Suddenly, the teachers calls on him to answer a question. Dumbstruck, Randy has no idea what to say. With the help of his kind classmates, Randy manages a hesitant answer. I feel bad for Randy, because he’s going to struggle through this class.

Although I’m not allowed to text because it costs money, I turn my phone off anyway, and don’t bring it to class. Jesus said, “If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.”

Use self-control. Don’t let temptation get in the way of setting a godly example in front of your classmates.

Wednesday and Thursday

On Wednesday was my pet peeve speech (in speech class). I had already volunteered to go first so I would have extra credit. In a pet peeve speech, you let out all your emotions as you talk about what really irritates you. You're supposed to be loud, and you're allowed to move about the room.
Let's just put it this way: I aced the pet peeve speech. I was loud and passionate, and my introduction was well written out. My classmates were all stunned as I talked about how I hate it when people text in class. I got an A+. But that wasn't all.
I'm in the first hour speech class, which is primarily with sophomores. Apparently in the third hour speech class (primarily freshmen), Mrs. Falk was talking about my speech. Thus, at lunch all the freshmen were asking me about my speech. It sounded like Mrs. Falk really liked it.
The next day, at the end of speech class, everybody wanted me to do my speech again, and I did just that. Mrs. Falk asked me to give my speech for the third hour speech class and I agreed.
So I did it for the third hour class and they LOVED it!
Because I was late for Algebra II, everyone wanted to know why. I said I was giving a speech. They asked me to tell it. So I told the speech to THEM! That was the fourth time I had given my speech. It was funny how everyone at school was talking about my speech.
After school ended, the soccer team drove to Westland where we took on the Huron Valley Lutheran Hawks in the last game of the regular season. We won 7-1. I almost had a sweet header goal, but Jesse bumped into me. All in all, I had a pretty good game. I made a couple nice passes that set my teammates up for breakaways. It was a fun game

I'm going to ride now. I can't wait for the AAVC Junior Team party tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Soccer Update

After our domination of #6 ranked Lutheran Westland, we just kept on rolling. We rolled over Blissfield, mercying them in a scrimmage. Today we played Plymouth Christian, an honorable mention just like WCA. We beat Plymouth Christian 1-0. It was a sweet victory.
We have one more regular season game at Huron Valley Lutheran. It should be an easy win, but I'm going to play my guts out, because I want my second goal of the season.
We'll go into districts next week, starting against Greenhills, the team that beat us 6-2. I'm pretty sure that we can beat them because emotionally, we're just on fire.
So that's the soccer update.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Four Things

First thing: looking back on the racing season, I am so thankful. I thank my mom and my family, who took me to races even when Dad was gone. They were awesome.
I must also thank James Knight for giving me a Look 555 bike to ride in the 2008 season and has now loaned me another bike to ride until I get my 566. James gave me the first 555 bike for FREE! MUCHOS GRACIAS!
I also want to thank those who encouraged me when I was struggling. I thank those who said a kind word to me or left an uplifting comment on my blog. Thank you very much, your support helped.

Second thing: High School Retreat
It was an awesome time; hanging out, playing games, listening to a great speaker teaching us to be difference-makers, strengthening my faith. Since it's a pretty small School, I didn't meet anybody new, but I got to know people better.
On Wednesday, the day retreat ended, a certain event happened that assured me that WCA is going to be great. We had all packed up to leave, and we were walking towards the buses. Suddenly, everybody grabs Josh Workman. Now, Josh is about six feet tall and like 280. He's a really big man. Everybody grabs him, and tries to carry him down to the lake. Let me assure you this was all in fun, since Josh is one of the funniest and most beloved people at WCA. Eventually he wriggled free, and the guys carrying him decided on a new target. I heard someone say "Get someone smaller!" and someone suggests Nathan Turner, a freshman. Turner runs away, then someone else suggests, "Get James!" I just shrugged, grinning as six high school boys carried me above their heads. It was sweet...until I realized that they were carrying me to the dock.
"Are you guys serious???" I asked. no answer.
We were at the end of the dock. No one carrying me thought he was really going to heave me into the freezing cold lake...except for one, and all it takes is one. I went flying into the cold lake.
I climbed back on the dock to hear at least thirty people all yelling my name. The girls all said, "Poor James, what did they do to you?" and the guys all said, "We love you James, thanks for letting us throw you in!"
It was a pretty cool feeling, despite the fact that my clothes were wet. That didn't matter, because all the guys chipped in with giving me dry clothes for the bus ride home.
After I got dumped in the lake, the guys were looking for another freshman to submerse. Jacob Johnson volunteered, and they were about to dunk him in the lake when Mrs. Taylor came running, rather upset. Let's just say she wasn't too happy with the whole throwing freshmen into the lake concept.
I'm sure this tradition of throwing freshmen into the lake will last, and I will be proud to have been the first freshman EVER to be thrown in the lake at High School Retreat.

Third thing: I have gotten into a continual habit of hurting myself.
Let's start with Tuesday afternoon. We're swimming in the lake after the shaving cream war. A few of us guys are trying to tackle Jesse. We tackle him, and Jesse inadvertently clocks me in the front tooth with his elbow. So now my front tooth has a nice chip in it.
The second painful moment was Tuesday night, as we were playing capture the flag in the dark.
I was in enemy territory and going top speed. Suddenly the ground I was running on turned from grass to gravel(I was later informed that this was the out of bounds marker). So, I tripped. Then I got tagged. I retired from the game and sat down near the bonfire, where I watched my team win. I had a nasty cut on the back of my right hand and assorted cuts and bruises on my right hip that pretty much blended in with all my other scars.
My third injury was on Thursday at soccer practice. Tanner was juggling the ball and I was watching him, waiting for the ball to come to me. When the ball came, I inadvertently blasted it point-blank into my face. My lip and my nose were both bleeding. I looked pretty gnarly.
When I walked into the school to get cleaned off, everyone there was saying "James, you hurt yourself again?!?!?!"
I'll work on not hurting myself anymore.

Fourth thing: It feels great to be back on a bike. The feeling of charging down the road in the 30s, locked in my dad's slipstream, is a wonderful thing.
I'm in love with cycling again.