Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The...silly computer won't do what I'm asking it to do (blogger's fault). Good night everyone.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I go now, to design a course on the compu-trainer.


Hurrah for Tony Wieczorek, who placed 2nd place at the Louisville Grand Prix of Cyclocross. The winner was Matthew Spinks, who placed on the podium at 13-14 nationals. Drew (Bercaw), placed first(!) for 10-14.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back In Action (Again)

The Vermeulens arrived at our house to do some indoor riding in our awesome bike room. Alexey's Specialized has been passed on to Rem, and now Alexey rides an all carbon Scott CR1, which is sweet. Alexey rode the compu-trainer, and suffered like a dog (the way I did). Rem got a flat course. It was pretty cool, the way that we fit five bikes onto trainers, (Mine, Alexey's, Rem's, Dad's, Mr. Vermeulen's). We expect to do this more often, and for the junior team.\
Dad and I went to the Michigan (Football [not soccer]) game, where we pounded Minnesota 34-10.
Who thinks the Lions will push their record to 5-2?

Friday, October 26, 2007


Relient K has a new album out; a christmas album that has seven new songs and nine old songs
This album isn't so alternative sounding, but Relient K's songs are so catchy.

Ironman Performance of the Year

Zack Maino
Maino's performance at the Tour de Kensington awed spectators and sickened them in a way. On the last lap of the criterium, a crash befell Maino. After avoiding several bodies and equipment, Maino was taken out by a bike. Road rash all over. Maino's shorts were done for.
Amazingly, Maino leapt back onto his bike and finished the criterium. Now the biggest question was, could Maino start the next day's road race; thirty-one miles of hills up the legendary Kensington Valley course. Maino started the road race and finished with the main field. Absolute guts.

Best Ambassador of Michigan Cycling

Julie Bellerose

Julie began this year with AAVC, but moved up in ranks as she always does. She was noticed by a Canadian team and rode with them at Canadian Nationals. She also competed in the Tour de Toona, a pro race. Finally, in the Tour de Leelanau, Julie attacked, and could only be followed by Tina Pic and Laura Van Guilder! If you guys haven't heard of them, you should have.
Trust me, in 2008, Julie will definitely be on a pro team next year.

Rider of the Year

Alexey Vermeulen

I am hardly biased. Alexey, to me, trained the hardest, raced the hardest, and had the most heart. To get his first road bike just this year and be racing Cat 4 in August is incredible! Alexey has so much talent and discipline that I couldn't see how he could possibly not win this award!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Annual Bike Boy Awards Part Two

Best Breakaway: A group consisting of Zack Mcbride, Bart Carlson, Darrell Anderson, Vincent Francescotti and Peter Ehmann at the Maillot Jaune Road Race's Cat 3 race. The escapees began their escapade less then twenty miles into the race, and held their lead for the remaining thirty or so miles.

Best Team Tactics: The tactics of Ann Arbor Velo Club, at the Tour de Ciocario. Alexey and I swarmed the canadian juniors, pounding them with relentless attack after attack. After dropping all but one, Alexey and I sat our opponent's wheel and relay attacked. In the end, there was orange on the podium.

Best Lone Breakaway: The solo effort of Nate Williams Ada criterium. Breaking away with Zack Mcbride, Williams soon attacked Mcbride and rode all by his lonesome, nearly lapping a weary peleton.

Most Disastrous Team Tactics: The strategy of Ann Arbor Velo Club's Cat 4 Team Debaets Devos. With five riders, AAVC's plan was to get Scott Gifford into the top 5, ensuring him the win in the Michigan Points Challenge Series. AAVC attacked countless times, wasting nearly all of their riders. At the finish, Dan Simundza, Zack Maino, and David Morrissey were all at the back and as Scott Gifford sprinted, his teammate Ben Penner sprinted ahead of him, claiming fifth place. As a result, Gifford finished seventh, 2.5 points behind MPCS winner Peter Beels.

The "What in the name of all that is like pizza where you thinking?!?" Award (awarded to the Dumbest Attack) is awarded to The solo effort of Me up what I didn't know to be Denton Hill. Safely tucked away in the pack of 55+ masters and -17 juniors at the Maillot Jaune road race, for some reason I felt obligated to attack less than two miles into the twenty six mile race, littered with hills. As I attacked, I didn't know why I had attacked, I just felt like it. Then the realization struck me. Of all the hills to attack on, I had unknowingly picked Denton Hill, one of the Michigan Scene's most legendary and difficult climbs. And then the group caught me, and I fell off the back, and rode the next 24 miles on my own.

The David and Goliath Award is awarded to Alexey Vermeulen at the Maillot Jaune road race. After watching his teammate's bonehead attack, Alexey fought to stay in contention with the pack. Dropped a couple times, Alexey fought his way back. The only junior left was fifteen year old Noah Veltkamp. What were the odds? Who expected that when the sprint to the line came, Alexey Vermeulen would beat Noah Veltkamp in a photo-finish sprint.

The Holy Socks Award (awarded to the best public display of pain) is awarded to
Darrell Anderson for his smack-down at the Dexter Criterium. Boxed off by riders that will not be mentioned, my dad smacked the ground, causing a smack that I heard from the other side of the street. He ended up against the side of the building, in pain.

The Most Wanted Man Award is awarded to Doug Gatto. After avoiding comments and criticism about not updating his website, Gatto also avoided the fact that almost every website has a link to his website. Gatto finally got his act together and took many pictures at the Ada Criterium. Thanks to his impatient viewers, the Eye of Gatto is back in business.

The Award for the Biggest Sandbagger is awarded to Rodney Eaton,who won several Cat 5 races this year, and never upgraded to Cat 4. What was he thinking? Cat5 is a bad category to be in, a very dangerous one.

The "Hope for Women's cycling" Award is awarded to Abby Anderson. At ten years old, and in her first year of racing, Abby is definitely going to be something.

The "Future of Michigan Cycling" Award is awarded to the Vermeulen family. With two kids (Alexey and Rem) already in the sport of cycling, Vincent (Maas) is already being developed at age seven (almost seven), and he likes to bike.

Best Website: The Michigan Road Racing Index. This is a great site to keep you updated on the state of Michigan cycling.

Most Connected: Jamie Smith. He wrote a book, yeah he's connected.

Best Cheering Squad: The combined volume of the Anderson family, the Vermeulen family, AAVC coaches and riders, and SLC riders. This makes me ride faster!

Best Food: PIZZA!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The First Annual Bike Boy Awards

Okay, I've got a lot to cover, so give yourself at least ten minutes to read this post.


Most Improved: Dan Ritter
New to the sport in 2006, Dan drastically improved in 2007, cutting off nearly eight minutes on his 20km TT. Even as I type, Dan is probably continuing his training in Colorado, readying to storm the MI-scene in '08.

Best Beginning 15-18 : Noah Veltkamp
From the start of the 2007 season, Noah was always in the mix. It surprised me how he could be so competitive in Junior races when he was only fifteen.

Best Beginning 10-14:
Alexey Vermeulen
Duh, this is a no-brainer. Generally the winner in the 10-14 races, Alexey usually stayed with the main group in the 10-18 races.

Most Consistent: Tony Wieczorek
Lacking a powerful sprint, Tony has showed extreme resilience to bigger and older competitors. But on time trials, Tony rolls.

Toughest: Rem Vermeulen
At ten years old (almost eleven), Rem has fought physical and mental struggles. The physical struggle of being smaller than all of the 15-18 racers, and the mental struggle of watching those 15-18 year olds ride away from him. Rem has weathered the storm.

Most Dominant: Zach Mcbride
Not only a force in the Junior category, Zach is a fierce competitor in the Cat 3 races, and has racked up wins in both categories.

Most Unfortunate: Tony Wieczorek
Poor Tony has suffered much this year, at the hands of the pavement and the Cat 3 field.

Best 15-18 Team: Saturn of Toledo Shell. With Dan Ritter, Brinkman and many others, Saturn has rocked this year.

Best Duo: James Anderson and Alexey Vermeulen
After riding together in practically every race, we work great together, and did I mention that we did a team time trial.

Best Development Club:
Ann Arbor Velo Club
In a year when Junior cycling struggled AAVC still did what they do best. Find juniors and develop them.

Men Cat 4

Most Lethal:
Cody Brown
Out of the four races he's done, he's got three wins.

Most Underrated:
Dan Simundza
Starting off as a Cat 5er, Dan quickly upgraded to the Cat 4 ranks and did extremely well. He deserves a lot of credit.

Most Improved: Zack Maino
Zack definitely improved this year, and it showed.

Best Time Trialer: David Morrissey
Turning in 27 minutes on 20km is...really good.

Best Sprinter: Brent DelRosario
When it comes down to a time trial, don't expect Brent to win, but in a sprint, put your money on Brent.

Most Consistent: Scott Gifford
So consistent, so very consistent.

Best Team: Ann Arbor Velo Club
I think that that was an obvious answer. With Dan, Zack, David, Scott, Eric, Chris and many other weapons, AAVC's Cat 4 team ROCKS!

Men Cat 3

Best Racer:
Nate Williams
Well, when you're 20-something, and you've been racing Cat 3 for two years, you get pretty good.

Most Consistent: Darell Anderson
This isn't favoritism, Dad was consistently in the right break and even though he didn't win all the sprints, his consistency helped him.

Best Team: South Lyon Cycle
They have (had) many weapons.

Men Cat 1/2

Best Racer:
Greg Christian
He won races, and he consistently defended his lead in the Michigan Points Challenge Series.

Most Improved: Rob Iser.
Rob used his wiliness to get himself into good breaks and Time Trialed well.

Best Team: West Michigan Coast Riders
They dominated this year.


Best Racer:
Mackenzie Woodring
I ponder whether it was really fair for Woodring to absolutely school the poor amateur riders that stood it in her path, day in and day out.

Best Cat 4 Racer: Heather Mitchell
In all honesty, I don't know much about Heather Mitchell.

Best Team: Wolverine Sports Club
I like pizza?


Best Racer:
Ray Dybowski
"Big Ray" was lights out this year, winning four races!

Best 35-44 Racer: Rob Iser
Rob was good this year, as I said before.

Most Consistent:
Ray Barbehenn

Part two of my awards will follow in a day or two. I feel kind of bad because there are so many people that deserve awards.

Back in Action

My dad's blog has been miraculously raised to life.

Watch his sweet slideshow of the 2007 season.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh Yeah

And I get to eat pizza.

The end of a dynasty

Yes, my friends, a dynasty(if you could call it that) ended today. My game today marked the last game of the season for my team. Furthermore, it marked my last outdoor soccer game affiliated with the Saline Area Soccer Association (SASA). I began playing soccer at around six years of age. At about nine years into my life, I started to play much better. I've been on okay teams, mediocre teams, great teams, horrible teams, and now, in the twelfth year of my life, a travel team. SASA was fun, regardless of whether the league was travel or house, but today it came to a close for me.
Regarding the game, I got precious few touches on the ball. We let in one goal in the first half and then another at the beginning of the second. And then, you know who (David "Beckham" Tesoriero) netted a high, curving shot into the right (our right) side of the net.
From then on, we continued to play better than Dearborn. On the sidelines, I sensed my SASA career coming to a close. With a couple of minutes left in the match, there was no chance of me going back into the game. There I stood, watching my team struggle to score. The struggle was in vain.

Of course I'll do indoor with my team in a week, but that isn't travel, and isn't associated with SASA. And you guys know what I do in the spring: race bike(s). And in the fall of 2008, I'll be in ninth grade and most like likely on the Washtenaw Christian Academy Varsity team.
I'll use my cliche` phrase, "time will tell".

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A "V"

Yes we gained a victory, a 5-0 victory. Ann Arbor United is last in the league, but our opponent on Sunday, Dearborn is first in the league. It will be the last game of the season. I desperately want a goal, I'm tired of secondary assists that don't even count as points!


We visit Ann Arbor United, for what should be an easy game. My goal is to beat them by at least four goals. I'm really itching to score.

Friday, October 19, 2007


It is with regret, that I announce to you that my size five soccer ball is done. Today I pumped it up, and when I did I put the needle in too far, piercing the bladder. Schucks.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


In my poll "Do you know me personally?", answering yes means that you have at least once had a conversation with me, excluding via internet.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The toilet overflowed today. I was about to shower after mowing the lawn, when I realized that the water level in the toilet was low. So I flushed the toilet and the water level rose to almost top. So, naturally I flushed it again. And I regretted that.

The Compu-Trainer

Oh yes, I rode the compu-trainer, I rode the compu-trainer. Could I tell that I loved it? No. Could I tell you how I suffered? Yes. Could I tell how I regretted riding the nationals 20km TT course? Could I tell you how I screamed at my chain when it fell off the chain ring? Could I tell how I went 15 miles an hour down a 5% downhill? Could I tell you how I crawled up one of the many hills at five miles an hour? Could I tell you how I pedaled at 60 RPM while in my easiest gear? Could I tell you how I doggedly pedaled over the last hill, on a 12% grade? Yes, I certainly could, but a simple "I didn't really enjoy the compu-trainer" should suffice.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I was just in the dentist's office for under two hours.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This is not what it seems...

Mindlessly throwing myself in front of the ball, for my team.


Yes, we triumphed. We played the same team, Tri-County, only this time at home. We started extremely sloppy and unenergized, giving up the first goal. But then we surged back, and I sent a pass to Matt Hable, who fired the ball into over the goalie's head. Near the end of the first half, Tri-County got a penalty kick; they were denied. It was a beautiful save, and gave us momentum. We absolutely unloaded in the second half, scoring four more goals and winning the game 5-2.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


We won 4-2 in a decisive victory.


We drive to Fenton to take on the Tri-County Titanz. They're below us in the standings so apparently we're bettter than them. I'm not taking chances though.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Long Time

I miss racing. And I've got half a year to think about it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


In all seriousness, I can't think of any thing to blog about. But in a few weeks, expect an end-of-year awards post. It's gonna be awesome.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I'd better get some type of bike that is cyclocross-related. Everyone says it's fun, so I expect it to be.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Don't expect a lot of posts in the next few days. But I will be back, eventually.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I forgot to mention


This is what I have to show for, a ripped cleat. It ripped near the end of the first half, we taped it up and I played on it for the rest of the second half. It wasn't bad.

I'm cross

So after driving up to Huron Valley, we lose 2-0. We didn't fall apart, Huron Valley just had a great game, and we had nothing on them. We all struggled because of our inability to keep the ball in the offensive end. I played defense for awhile. Our defense seemed really tired, but that can be expected on an 80+ degree day, with a game the day before.

But, no excuses. We lost. And I don't like losing.

Jamie gives it a boot

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm back

The mouse died today so the computer was on standby for a long time.

As for my game, we lost 2-1. In the absence of one of our defensemen, I played center-defense for most of the time and didn't do badly. Our stud, David, scored on a free kick, curving the ball into the corner of the goal. The goals that were scored on us were from a long way's away and shouldn't have gone in, but they did.

We dominated the second half, after fighting to stay alive in the first.

Michigan definitely had trouble putting away EMU.

Friday, October 5, 2007

She's back

Maria's back from High School Retreat. The house was very different without her around.

Tomorrow I go to Dearborn to take on the Dearborn soccer team. Apparently they're good.

And now for the daunting question of the day: will Michigan beat Eastern Michigan???

A ride in the day in the life of James

Then I go out and ride in the same boring neighborhood for forty-five minutes, and then the sun comes down.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I like pizza.


I just can't get excited about it. I miss road racing. A lot.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I installed Foxy Tunes. I don't really know what it does but I think that it posts music, so here goes.
It didn't work.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Scratch That

Results are up, and Alexey (and Rem) were not there.

Alexey Part VI

How was the Tour of University Heights, if you did it?

A long day

Today was a tough day. I get in the car, drive to Homeschool Connection (I didn't drive, my mom did) and walk over to my debate class. The time is 9:40. We debate. I debate bike racing vs. Nascar. I don't know who won, but it was close. The bell (not really a bell) rings. We head out of the class. The time is 10:45. I walk down the stairs, turn right, walk, then turn right again, and then turn right, into my drama class. The time is 10:50. We look at the script, change it a bit, an d continue to get used to each other. The bell rings. We walk out of the room. The time is 12:00 P.M.. I turn left out of the room, left down the hall, then left and up the stairs. I pick up my pizza. I sit down. I eat my pizza. The time is 12:15. I eat other stuff. I get my shin guards and and soccer socks on and head out of the lunch room (which is a gymnasium). I walk over to where the other guys going to soccer class are standing. My dad shows up. The time is 12:35. My dad drives myself and some other guys to Wide World sports arena, a soccer arena. We warm up. We kick balls. We stretch. We split up. My group does some drills. Then we play a game(a match). We tie 1-1. We get back in the car and drive back. I walk back in and set myself up in Study Hall. I read. I answer questions. I read other stuff. I read books. The bell rings. The time is 3:00. I head into the room for Grammar and Composition Boot Cam (GCBC). I sit down at the table and look around, with six girls in my peripheral vision. The time is 3:05. The teacher (Mrs. Kazanjian) talks. I listen. Lots of other stuff happens that I don't remember. The bell rings. The time is 4:15. I pick my stuff up, then remember that I am on cleanup duty. I clean up. Mrs. Wong comes in and tells Mrs. K. that I have soccer practice at 4:45. I am done cleaning up. I leave the room. I leave the building. I jump in Mrs. Wong's car and squeeze in the back next to Josiah (Josiah Wong, not Josiah Humphrey). I pull my shoes off and slip my shin guards back on and slip my soccer socks over them. The time is around 4:35. We reach my house. Mrs. Conzelman is there because Claire has been playing with Abby. One of Mrs. Conzelman's kids is on my team. Mrs. C drives me to soccer practice. It's not a long drive, in fact it's short. When I arrive they're doing corner kicks. We do some running. We race. I win. We do drills. We do 4v4. I make a mistake. Jake yells at me. I silently tell Jake to be quiet or I will blow him out the next time there is an endurance-related competition. I get over it though. We win. We lose. We win again. We all go home relatively happy. The time is 6:30. We're having tacos for dinner. I eat a taco. I clean up. I eat ice cream. I watch Maria watch TV while she rides the trainer. I go upstairs. Abby's finally off the computer. I get on it. The time is 8:15.
And then I started blogging.