Saturday, September 29, 2007


All the other juniors will have improved too. Shucks.

A theory

In the 2006 season, Taylor Birmann turned in 34:34 in the Willow TT. The Willow TT is 13.3 miles, A little over 20km. Then he turned in about 16 minutes at Nationals. Nationals is 10km, with a hill.
In 2007 James and Alexey were turning in 18 something times when doing half of the Willow TTs distance (on the Willow TT course). Then at Nationals Alexey turned in 18:15.

Later on that year James and Alexey both turned in 32-somethings at Hines Park. Hines Park is exactly 20km and flat.

Now if I did 32 at Hines, I would probably add 2 and a half minutes to determine my Willow TT time.
That time would be 34:30.
Also in 2007, at Nationals, Birmann placed Sixth in that TT, and third in the criterium.

Given Alexey and I have a whole winter to improve, it is nearly sure that we will topple Birmann's time in the 2006 season. Thus we will at least get near his time a Nationals.

And you know what that means.

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Alexey Part V

If you were going to do the Tour of University Heights you probably won't read this until you get back. Have fun, rip those Canadians' legs off, and represent the MI Scene well. Just stick to Justin Zotti's wheel. Don't chase or pull unless if you want to drop someone or chase down Justin Zotti's wheel. Be nice, make friends, and hope that you're allowed to use your big chain ring. I've got to stay in Saline today because Mom has got her Art Festival today. She's got a tent. So I've got to stay. Bye.

Friday, September 28, 2007


I have nothing to say(or blog about).

High Pitched Scream

Drew Bercaw visited my blog! I'm sure that not many of you have heard of Drew Bercaw, but in my nerdy travels through, cyclingnews and whatnot I have come to know a lot about Drew Bercaw, who is my age and has placed top 5 at nationals! I can't believe he got to my site.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I like pizza. Pizza is good. You should eat pizza. You should eat pizza right now. You should invite me over to eat pizza with you. Right now.

They're back

Mom and Dad both came home within one hour. And we're eating pizza. Oh yeah.


You guys were wrong, I shall play Edmund, a human.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where's Tony

Mr. Wieczorek did the KTR Michigan Double-Cross, but I don't see Tony in the results.


Disregard the vote for "I'm not sure". That's one of the Humphrey kids. I have my moments of weirdness...

Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm going to cram a lot of stuff into this post because I don't expect to be on the computer 24/7. Mom's in Cleveland and Dad's on a trip (the less you know the better), so Grandma and Grandpa Anderson are taking care of us.

To start, I've had five soccer events in four days. Practice on friday, two games on the weekend, my home school soccer class on Monday, then practice at 4:45. Needless to say every muscle in my body that is involved with playing soccer is sore.

Moving on to non-sporting (that's a first), my Middle School Drama class is doing a play of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe", the classic fantasy tale by C.S. Lewis. We had auditions today.
I just hope I play someone human.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Victory

This time it was payback; we beat the South Lyon Sting 3-2. We did what we needed to do, scoring the first goal of the game and holding momentum throughout the match. David, number 1, scored a hat trick (that's hockey lingo for three goals). I took a nasty spill after charging into the box (with the ball) and was tripped by the defender and went flying in the air, landing on my right leg. That hurt.

Here are pictures.



Making my move

I got on my bike tonight and rode for a short time.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


We dominated today's soccer game 4-0. I scored the first goal. We play again tommorrow.

Friday, September 21, 2007

El Vuelta

Menchov's pretty much got the overall locked up with thee minutes on Sastre. The last mountainous terrain was today and tomorrow will see the riders complete a 20 Kilometer TT. There won't be huge time gaps but it will be cool to compare the times with us Michigan racers.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Darn Girls

With their high pitched screams and their ridiculous cheers, they have the ability to annoy me sometimes. As for the scrimmage, I'd rather not talk about it. My team is in a slump and the scrimmage today proved that. But you'd think that a team called the "Black team" would be a B team when there is a "Gold Team". Don't you think gold is better than black?
So I showed up expecting a bad team playing us. They were not bad. In fact they were just as good as us. You would expect that from a U13 Girls' "A" team playing a U13 Boys' "B" team. We collapsed in the middle of the second have and allowed two goals. We were in their zone for about the rest of the game, but couldn't get shots off. That was an embarrassing experience. But at U13, boys aren't bigger and a lot stronger than girls. In fact at that age girls are bigger than boys. Am I right?

Isn't this ridiculous, me posting about soccer games on a cycling blog. You guys are probably bored. Sorry.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Go Lions!

After mistake after mistake, the Lions pulled off an OT win against the Minnesota Vikings, 20-17. Kitna was inspiring.

I had a soccer game this afternoon. My team was looking to rebound after a last minute loss against Huron Valley. Against Huron Valley I did well but today was a different story. We allowed a first minute goal and had to play comeback all game. I had a chance in the first half, a ball was crossed into me in front of the other team's goal and I had a split second to decide what to do. I kicked it over the crossbar. Jamie, one of our better players found himself with a penalty kick and we all hoped he would score, but the clank of the goalpost dashed our hopes again. In the last minute we had them on their tails but we couldn't convert. In that last minute the officiating was fairly iffy. I again found myself in the box with defenders facing me and I immediately fired the ball. One of the defenders reached out his hand and batted the ball down. The punishment for that is a penalty kick. But that didn't happen. They called one of my teammates for offside. The game ended with the visual of Adam, one of our defenders, chasing the attacking player down the field as the attacking player had his hand on Adam's shoulder the whole time, pushing him away from the ball. That was the visual. And the visual of the referee doing nothing. I felt like we were better them and we should of won. We'll get them next time.

We will be able to get our fury out tomorrow by pounding a U13 girls in a scrimmage tomorrow. That should be a confidence builder, or a confidence demoralizer.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sorry Guys

I haven't updated my blog in awhile, and that's is my fault entirely. It is not that I haven't been online much, I have, but I don't have anything to blog about. Earlier this week my family was entertaining thoughts of heading up to the Tour De Leelanau and driving the support car for SLC, but it didn't work out. In the Vuelta Menchov seems to be hurting people, with Petacchi and Bennati dueling it out on the flat stages. I hate the fact that the racing season is done with now but I love the fact that we have all of the 2008 season ahead of us. It will be fun.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

There he is

Travis is on Team USA.

Abby just told me that she knows his sister from swimming. Small world.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm trying to post video, but blogger is failing.

Monday, September 10, 2007


What's up with all of my readers from Grand Rapids. I've got 13 visits from them today.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Priority Health Grand Cycling Classic: Report

Just me and dad this time going to Grand Rapids (again). Grand Rapids has a lot of races (Gaslight, Ada, Rockford, and this), but the reason is that those races are all really good. Dan, Scott (G), Zack, Eric, Chris, Doug and me represented AAVC (Doug is partly with AAVC) and no Vermeulens. A HUGE field of over 50 riders came to enjoy suffering in the 4/5 race. My plan was to stay near the fron, thus limiting chances of being dropped. I ended up top 25 in the first lap, but slowly moved back. Then I stayed in the same place with about 10 guys still behind me. AAVC won about ten primes and right from the gun Zack was pulling. Juniors were quite well represented with two guys from KCB, Mark Bailey and a dude from FHC club (Forest Hills Cycling). Near the end I started having trouble hanging on but I was able to move up and reduce the damage. There were quite a few turns, and the pack really slowed before them, giving me a chance to recover. Doug dropped back to pay me a visit, then moved a few more riders up. On the last lap I was still about 10th to the back. On the finishing stretch Zack pulled off after a giving a great lead-out to his teammates and I went by him. He really wasn't interested in sprinting on cobbles. I was totally ecstatic about hanging with the pack and my placing didn't matter. Since I hung out at the Jittery Joe's booth (co-watching Bobby Lekovish with Joey Schaard and selling stuff) I missed all of dad's race. The Pro1/2 was awesome because there were plenty of pros. One from Navigators, three from Health Net, three from Jitttery Joe's, Jake Ritlewski and of course the Priority Health team. Here are the results.

It was a good race and it didn't matter that it didn't have a Junior's race.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Grand Rapids

Doug, me, Mr. Wieczorek, Zack, probably Chris, and I'm not sure about Scott (Gifford) and Alexey. For sure we're gonna storm the 4/5 race.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Secrets Revealed

I know who Awittefox is, the question is, do you?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Oh yeah


Bike Boy is no longer a goofy Seventh Grader. He is now a goofy Eighth Grader.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where's the love?

Doug, I thought it mattered, I thought you cared. I've been going to to your site over ten times in the past two days. No pressure though. School (and work) must be taking it's toll on everyone.

Tour de Ciociaro Videos

Monday, September 3, 2007

Debaets Devos/Rock City Criterium 2007: Report

AAVC lit up the DD/RC Cat 4 race today. Their goal was to put Scott Gifford in the top 5, thus giving him the win in the Michigan Points Challenge Series. They put in a lot of attacks but that seemed like a bad tactic considering that they were trying to get Scott the win. Personally, I think they should of controlled the pace and led Scott out. Scott definitely needed a good lead out and wasn't close enough to the front, usually the tenth rider. An accident on the last lap caused just about all the AAVC guys to lose their positions. Scott took 7th, a good result for him, but not enough for the win in the MPCS. It was a good race though, and AAVC looked strong.
Making the junior race free didn't attract more juniors. Dan Rutkowski and Nick Vanetta were the only day-of-registrees. Mcbride was pretty nice and told me to ride his wheel and I did, for a while. He attacked and I followed him, followed by Tony, and that turned into a break. The Saturn boys were very slow to catch on. This course has hill, a u-turn at the top, then a descent, then a hill, a u-turn at the top, and a descent, and a finish line. Those u-turns were what hurt me. I didn't last long. Alexey was struggling too, but was working with Nick Vanetta. I sat up and let them catch me. Nick stayed with us for a while, then fell of the pace on the second hill. The hills really weren't that bad, but in a crit it wore people down. Then Rutkowski was dropped from the lead group and we slowly gained on him, and when we caught him he didn't drop us. We were lapped on the last lap. Up the second hill they were fairly slow, but the pace picked up on the descent. Alexey got about a bike-length on me but I started closing him down and sprinted by him for the win in the 10-14 Boys category. Brinkman won 15-18 boys, Whitney 15-18 Girls, and Abby 10-14 Girls. Dad was agressive in the three race but not strong enough for the win and ended up near the back. Then he suffered in the 1-2-3 race.

Don't get the idea that I'm stronger than Alexey, because I'm not. This was this first time since Kensington (Road Race) that I clearly outsprinted him. At the Tour de Ciociaro he was blocked in the sprint. We both have our ups and downs but when we work together we make each other stronger. Well that's how we roll. The Grand Cycling Classic is the last official race of 2007 and we are going to make the most of it.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

You stink Blogger

Is it really that hard to put pictures on my blog. They were on there and now they're basically blocked. That's one of many complaints I have. I still am happy to have a blog.

Pre-Race Jitters

Probably most of you are reading this after the race has ended. We're all packed up and Abby might race. Right now on the pre-registrees, the main competition is McBride and Brinkman, then Noah, Jordan Ludlow, Caleb, Vermeulens, and ME!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Just wondering

Who's the Pro reading my blog? Or is this some kind of joke?

Tour de Ciociaro: Report

This omnium race (Prologue, crit) took place at the Ciociaro club, where they have a nice, bike only course, with a hill 2/5s in. I spent the warm-up with Maas and he's sure a strong rider for a seven year old! Then things got nuts. In America 10-18 is "Junior". But in Canada if you're under 17 you're not a "Junior", you're a "Cadet", and "Juniors' are 17/18. That being said, we were told not to go onto the big chain ring. WHAT?!? And any kind of TT equipment wasn't allowed.
Every category was basically made up of either MLCC, AAVC or unattached. Vince, Joey and their posse were there and our posse was well represented with Sam in 15/16 (Cadet), Alexey, Joe and I in 13/14 (Mini-me), Rem in 11/12 (Pee-Wee) and Abby in Squirts.
The prologue was just one lap. The guy going first for Mini-Me, whose name was Joe (MLCC) set the time to beat at 2:04. Another MLCC guy (I don't know his name so let's just call him X) finished 2:08. I cranked (rather spun out) of the start. I was doing surprisingly well considered the gearing. I brought it home at 2:07. Alexey hammered in at 2:10. Joe at 2:22. More finished but the top four stayed the same.
Rem put in 2:27. Vince, 2:14. Abby at 2:48, and Sam at 1:57, a great time.
Our Mini-Me team put a lot of thought into our tactics. We'd sit for a lap then start the pain fest. It was an eight rider field made up of AAVC and MLCC. Of course it started out slow. Then down the hill it heated up when Joe (MLCC) attacked. We just followed the wheels. Joe (AAVC) dropped off and I went to the front and tried to slow the pace. But it heated up again and Alexey and I began. At that point it was Alexey, Joe (MLCC), X, and I. Our aggression began to put X in a spot of bother. More attacks and he began to yo-yo. A considerable gap opened up and we kept expanding it on X. Joe (MLCC) was the only survivor so far. The attacks kept coming from us but he was just strong enough to keep us. He was upset that we weren't pulling, but we really were. Then one lap to go and I was glued to his wheel. It seemed like I was attacking more than Alexey was and I wasn't sure if he was okay. But I just had that feeling. Usually when it's just Alexey and I going into a sprint, I'm just dreading it. But I knew I could take Joe (MLCC), if I attacked before the turn to the finishing straight. He always took awhile to pull us back. So I jumped once but he was on me too quick so I sat up, and then went again. The line came a lot longer away than I thought but I still held the lead. Joe (MLCC) was gaining on me but not quick enough! Spinning wildly, I made it to the line for the win and yellow.The Pee-Wee race was cool, with 12 guys mostly from MLCC. The group slowly got smaller until it was Rem, Vince, Joey, and two other guys. Rem didn't eat breakfast so he suffered. Then he got popped.
It was Vince taking the win. Sam took third (in Cadets). Abby was up against a Virtue kid and another little girl. Abby stuck with him for the first lap but let a gap open up and had to settle for 2nd. Oh well, that's bike racing. Did I mention that they sort of raffled of lots of cool stuff and Abby won a sweet bike computer?

The pizza in Ciociaro was pretty good. We took a chance and it worked out. Like my dad says "We're like hyenas taking down a water buffalo, always nipping at it's heels". Well that's how we roll.

And did I mention that we pounded that U13 Girls Gold Soccer Team 3-0? They didn't get a single shot off. Just thought you might want to know.