Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Alexey and I aren't the only ones. Gunnar Madden from Gladstone Michigan (the U.P.) went to nationals and finished 6 places behind Alexey in the TT. He has a teammate, they are both my age. It's just good to know that we're not the only ones.

Petersons kick behind

At the Rum Village Criterium (Indiana State Championships) the Peterson's had a pretty good showing. Rudy was the only 10-12er there, Jackie got 2nd (out of three) in the 13-14 category, and Mr. Peterson won Masters 40+. Interesting.

I knew it all along

On the Champs Elysees, I predicted Bennati would win. I just knew he would win because some guy who's not in contention for he green jersey always takes it on the last stage. In 2004 it was Boonen (who was out of contention), in 05 Vino (out of contention), in 06 Hoshovd (out of contention) and now Bennati (out of contention). Maybe it's because the Green jersey leader doesn't want to risk much.

Monday, July 30, 2007

What you people thought

Alejandro Valverde
3 (33%)
Alexander Vinokourov
1 (11%)
Denis Menchov
1 (11%)
Cadel Evans
1 (11%)
Levi Leipheimer
1 (11%)
Christophe Morreau
0 (0%)
Alberto Contador
0 (0%)
Michael Rasmussen
1 (11%)
Andreas Kloden
1 (11%)
Andrey Kasheykin
0 (0%)

What Bike Boy thought would happen
1. Alejandro Valverde
2. Alexander Vinokourov
3. Levi Leipheimer
4. Cadel Evans
5. Carlos Sastre
6. Denis Menchov
7. Christophe Moreau
8. Andreas Kloden
9. Markus Fothen
10. Dave Zabriskie

What really happened
1 Alberto Contador Velasco           91.00.26
2 Cadel Evans 0.23
3 Levi Leipheimer 0.31
4 Carlos Sastre Candil 7.08
5 Haimar Zubeldia Agirre 8.17
6 Alejandro Valverde Belmonte 11.37
7 Kim Kirchen 12.18
8 Yaroslav Popovych 12.25
9 Mikel Astarloza Chaurreau 14.14
10 Oscar Pereiro Sio 14.25

A Grueling Day

Life is so boring now that the Tour is over. I used to have something to do every morning, but now I don't. Instead, we (dad and I) went for a ride up to Huron River drive. After almost twenty five miles we took a break and ate a hearty meal at The Lighthouse. We headed over to the Ride Boutique of Ann Arbor and saw Alex Keomany. Back on Huron River Drive, Dad was pushing the pace up to a steady 22-24. Only once did he lose me. We came back after 46 miles at an average of 17 M.P.H. ( miles per hour). It was a good ride but it started out miserable. The good thing is that it ended fun. I was sweating profoundly and looked like a complete train wreck. I took a really cold shower, and it felt really good.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Guys, seriously, there's probably twenty of you guys reading my blog, at least some of you should vote on my polls. It's not like it's a spam where I'm gonna take your money if you vote.

And remember to keep your eyes open for polls. And start polling!


I just had a riveting chat with Sparkplug on the phone. He was wondering if we could ride earlier on but we got home from Cleveland at like 7:00 P.M.. I cleaned up my bike and fought with my front brakes. They were so tight that I couldn't adjust them. It's just one of those things where inanimate objects make me look like a fool. No biggie.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Dad and I were the only riders showing up at Lower Huron for the 9 o clock junior ride. So we went over to Hines Drive, met up with Josh and went over to Trail's Edge. There we watched the end of the stage.
We headed up through the infamous Northville Hill (which wasn't all that bad), and stopped by for a visit at Mr. Lekovish's house.
Back to Hines Dr., where we met up with the equally infamous Wieczorek team. We rode with them, and I thought that was pretty cool because besides Alexey, I never do training rides with other juniors. Tony's on a ten day recovery period, so today he was going easy, just 80 miles -:).
We picked up Graig Rice, John Rigdon (who should be resting for the Indiana State Championships), and another rider. Going under a tunnel, Graig hit a rock or something and flatted both tires. Fifteen minutes later we hit the road again and Josh flatted! We eventually moved out of Hines Drive and onto the open road. The pace was easy/moderate for everyone else but for me I had to be pretty quick on my feet. There was one part where I was really in difficulty, but I came charging back. Eventually, everyone had dispersed. Riding back to the car, we met up with Doug "The Cat" Gatto, and he road back with us, listening to a fairly one-sided conversation.

Darrell: So we were the only guys at junior practice.
Doug: #$*&%@!?.
Darrell: Well, you know. So we decided to go up to Hines.
Doug: Yah, yah.
Darrell: And I got my co-worker Josh to come down and ride with us.
Doug: Uh-huh, yah.
Darrell: So we went up to Trail's Edge.
Doug: Oh, yah.
Darrell: And we watched the tour.
Doug: Oh, okay.
Darrell: And then.
Doug: Yah, uh-huh.
Darrell: We went up and.
Doug: Uh-huh.
Darrell: Saw Mr.
Doug: Yah, yah.
Darrell: Lekovish.

You get my point.
We called it a day after 66 miles! My longest ever by eight miles. My feet and toes were sore, and my thumb was kind of tingling, but I had broken the record.

And you know what I think about pizza.

Friday, July 27, 2007

This is what I'm talking about

Michigan phenom, Larry Warbasse placed sixth in the individual Time Trial at the Tour De 'Abiti. He was selected for a drug test. And we now know that Larry isn't a doper. That's good.

Podium Picture: Maillot Jaune

Okay, here it is.

Rem: I thought I could trust you James, but you've betrayed us all, and you've broken my heart.
Richmond: Hey, I'm funny.
James: But you see Rem, there's an art to being dropped.
Noah: Ohhh, I love ice cream .
Alexey: This is awkward.

Big Ray (in the backround): Oh dude, I've gotta barf!

None of these people said these phrases. This post is meant in all fun. Copyright, 2007, by James Anderson. All lawsuits will be ignored. I really really like pizza.


I have another poll out, so start polling! Remember always to look.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Twisted Circle

Why do we cut the grass, just to let it grow back and cut it again. Why do we empty the dishwasher, just to let it fill up to be emptied again. Why do we waste all of our Sunday afternoons watching the lions, just to watch them go 3-13 every year. Why do I attack and drop myself, just to watch Alexey win a spoon. Why, why, why?

For the love of crying out loud "I LIKE PIZZA!"

Live Journal, is giving me all sorts of grief. I was registering for it, and it's like "No, that username is invalid, no that password is invalid, all passwords have to have a number or symbol in it". For the love of Domino's Pizza, I don't think I'm going to register for it, man can only take so much irritation.

It has to change

Someone has to step up. Whoever wins something tests positive. But the thing is, the riders have to. They won't do as well, unless if they're Eddy Merckx. But still, there are riders with pride, riders who care for the sport of cycling, riders who are the real cyclists. If I ever do something (in the far far future), in my career and possibly go pro (a very big if), I will volunteer for drug tests, and they will know that I am clean. Michigan and Ohio riders, we can make a difference. There's not a very good chance that we can go pro, but this doping situation should inspire us and tons of other cyclists to train harder, to try to go pro, so they can know, that we are clean.

Will the scandal ever end?

First Festina, then Tyler, then David Miller, then Heras, then Operation Puerto, then Floyd, then Vino, then Moreni, and now Rasmussen. And the painful thing is that almost all of them are doping. It really makes me reluctant to cheer on anyone.
But deep down, I think that Christophe Morreau is clean. The way he has been struggling suggests that he hasn't doped. And I think, that being French, Morreau takes pride in being clean (I'm trying not to be stereotypical). But with Vino I just knew that he was doping by the way he came back. The thing with him was he had nothing to lose with his overall placing, and he needed to win. It was going to be his last Tour, and now it will certainly be his last.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crit Practice 7/24/07: Report

It was Rune's last ride with us and his last ride before he joins the army to be an air traffic controller. We're all certainly going to miss him. In honor of Rune, we brought some beer for the adults and Root Beer for the Juniors and U23.

Race 1: Three laps. I was popped after almost two.
Race 2: Five laps. I was popped after almost two (again), and Alex Keomany pulled me to the finish. That was helpful.
Race 3: Seven laps. When it started, no one seemed ready to suffer and the speed was about 15 so I attacked. Doug followed me, and when we reached the hill he took the front, but I wasn't able to hold the pace. I expected him to keep on going while I slowed the field as they tried to pass me, but Doug stopped because I had slowed. So after they dropped me, I went over to see Zack, who was marshalling.
Race 4: I sat out this race, and hung out with Doug.
Race 5: Seven laps. According to Dad this race was fast and I hung on the whole time! There were a few parts where I had to sprint hard to stay on, but for the most part, I was in good position. Zack and a few other attacked, and Ray, who was pulling the pack pulled off, leaving me at the front. I took that to my advantage and slowed considerably, and no one went around me. Eventually, Rob P started to go around, and I tried to cut him off. I don't think he knew I was blocking , so he probably thought that I was really sketchy. Well, my block seemed to work because the break stayed away. In the sprint, I beat about 3/4s of the peloton, including my dad! I just picked James Knight at the line.
Race 6: Three laps. No one seemed up for another race except Randy, Eric, Ray, David, and yours truly. Ray, David and I got away because everyone else wasn't really trying. It was hard to tell if I was being humored, but the pace was fairly brisk. On the last lap, Dmo was leading, with me on his wheel and Ray on mine. Out of the last corner, Ray attacked and there was no catching him. I was able to take Dmo, but I don't know how hard he was trying. After that, I had a post race meal of Muffins and Root Beer.

Monday, July 23, 2007

After All These Years

I went out for my ride a little before Eight PM. As I rolled out of my driveway, a guy a little taller than me rode up to me, riding a Blue RC-5 Aluminum. This guy lives in my neighborhood, does triathlons, and just turned seventeen. He started with the kid's triathlon, when he was no older than Rem. He really has come a long way though. At Tri nationals, he put in a TOP TEN FINISH! He's going to Europe to race a no-drafting triathlon. He works and rides for Cadence Cycle. It's kind of freakish the way that we've both been riding our bikes for a long time, in the same neighborhood, and we just rode with each other the first time. He left the neighborhood while I continued doing laps and he returned later. My legs felt awesome and it felt good going up hills. I put in more minutes than I was penciled in to do.
And another thing, I told him about my blog. I'm not sure that was a good thing to do, or a bad thing to do. Either my blog attracts people, or it's makes them think I'm an eccentric. I also encouraged him to try out some races, he would do pretty well. Well anyway, I like pizza.

Freakishly Irregular

Guys, mark your calenders for the Rockford Criterium, August 25. I didn't race it last year but this year it's supposed to be a junior friendly race with primes and a FIVE DOLLAR ENTRY FEE!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Making Up

This isn't quite a podium picture, but it's got a lot of personality. Remember, no one actually said these things.

Caleb: Hey.
Rem: What?
Alexey: Rem, I'm scared.
James: I really like pizza.
Dad: Hey guys, smile.
Rune: You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it.

Alexey Part IV

Just to let you know, I'm going to find a nice podium picture of our category and put a caption for it. Don't PANIC!

Maillot Jaune and the suffering that ensued thereafter

So I'm up at 4:15, and we're out the door at 5. We get there about ten after six, with the whole family. We're a little under an hour early, but we got register at that time. It was the usual group of hardcore junior racers, Brinkman, Ritter, Veltkamp, Colton, Caleb, V-Squad, me. In his first race was Richmond Eaton. Richmond was pretty tough to pick a race like this for his first race.
We lined up with the 55+ men. I hadn't counted on us being able to mix with them but, we could. It started, Rem accelerating, me following. Calmly, a cyclefit dude strode by and I jumped on his wheel. We had an okay gap, and it took along time for everyone else to bridge up. The pace seemed relatively slow, about 21-22, and Alexey, Noah and I were there. Being my usual competitive (stupid) self, I went off the front, and of course, they caught me. It was up a tough hill, and I was at the front. Wasted, I pulled off, and they flew by me. I wasn't able to grab a wheel, and thinking back on it now, that moment was when it mattered the most. I kept them in my sights for about ten minutes but they pulled out of sight. The cat 5 field came by with Caleb at the back. I didn't want to get in trouble for mixing fields, so I followed Caleb's wheel. I knew that they were going to catch our group, and if I could hang on I'd make it back, but I didn't want to cheat. Caleb and I were together by ourselves but I dropped him very badly on a hill but then he came charging back on the downhill, following a dropped rider's wheel. I'm just a lot smaller than him, so I go up the hills faster, but I got a sweet ride behind him. And on the downhill, I lost a contact lens! Guys, this is the third time this season, It's losing humor. I dropped him again and this time for good. Then finished the first lap. On the downhill of the first hill Richmond and several dropped Cat 5-ers caught up with me, and Richmond was doing very well. On the downhill, I hit something with my front wheel and nearly decked it, and then I realized I was missing a water bottle. Somehow it fell out the lap before and nearly took Alexey out. But then at the base of one of the hills, he had to stop because of a mechanical problem and that stunk. There were maybe five other guys I was with and I was hanging with them pretty nicely. I was following a guy with a pink and white Flying Rhino Jersey on. With about 2 or 3 miles to go, the pace slowed considerably. I went to the front and stepped on the gas. I pulled off and just before the run in to the sprint, the Flying Rhino attacked. It dropped one guy and I spun out. I sprinted well, but didn't pull anyone back. The thing is, although I was dropped I still got near the time I was expecting. In a photo finish, Alexey "Sparkplug" Vermeulen was the winner over Noah Veltkamp, a commendable ride. Third on the podium wasn't too shabby, but next time, next time, something will be screaming in twisted agony as we head up Denton hill. And hopefully that person will not be me! Dad smartly got himself into the right break and took fourth, both Andersons were on the podium. Colton stayed with the pack in the 4s, Brinkman abandoned, and I don't know what category Ritter did.
To add to my jealousy, Alexey got a spoon! Man, if they make it two spoons for the winner, then I'll be the hands down favorite next year! Actually, the winners of each category got a free bowl of Ice Cream.
After the race, we went to see some friends we haven't seen in awhile and went tubing. Wow, I'd have to admit that tubing almost hurt more than going up and down hills for twenty six miles.
I guess I would of enjoyed the race more if I had not been popped. Hardly anything is fun when you're in pain, but it's a lot of fun when you're in pain but they're in pain too.
The main thing is that this is just giving me only more reason to keep on training, to try to dominate the junior field one day...in the far far future.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Maillot Jaune cont'd

Does anyone know about Richmond Eaton? He's registered for U17, unattached with a one day license.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crit Practice: 7/18/07

Dad had a two and a half hour ride to get in so we got to Crit Practice almost half an hour early. Already there were Zack and some of his buddies. The first race I was doing okay. My cornering was bad, so the only way I could stay on was to sprint insanely after cornering. I was dropped after almost two laps. The next race, five laps, I did my little break, and got caught, and dropped.
The next one James Knight announced that there would be a prize of Belgian Beer for the winner of the ten lap race. I broke away and Colton bridged up, the minors were taking it! Then Randy bridged up, followed by Eric and Dad a few minutes later. I was dropped and eventually the break was brought back. Then a 15 lapper. Everyone seemed tired. Julie, Eric, Rich and a TWT/M&Y broke away on the warm up lap and no one seemed willing to chase. The speeds dropped from about 27 to 25 M.P.H. (miles per hour). I was at the front after one lap, following Randy's wheel. I moved onto Scott Gifford's wheel, and continued to move onto different people's wheels. After several laps, Ray attacked and I followed him. We were caught immediately. Other break went but were unsuccessful. I couldn't believe it, after almost ten laps, I was holding on still going good. Then up the hill there was another attack I tried to chase. I sprinted but I was cracked. Everyone flew by me. I didn't really care if I was dropped, and staying on for a long time was awesome. The next one, another fifteen lapper, didn't work out as well for me. Dad was skittish about me being at the front so he told me to start in the back and move up. I did just that, and after two laps Ray accelerated and I followed him. He pulled off and I was leading the group! They went around me after about ten-ish seconds, Rich congratulating me. In the end, it was Dmo and Rich in a break together. That makes for good entertainment because Dmo is a spectatular Time Trialist, and Rich is an animal when it comes to tempo, but in short, they're both bad at sprinting. Crits don't favor them as do road races of TTs. Rich ended up taking it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Le Tour Update: July 17

Personally, I think Rasmussen's days in the Maillot Jaune are numbered. He will lose major time in the TT, infact he does not even train for TTs because he doesn't expect himself to to go either way. Also, Valverde has been in the right place all the time and smacking everyone else in the sprint. The time bonuses he receives will definitely help him. With few a flat stages ahead, Vinokourov will have a chance to recover and hopefully perform better in the time trial.

Monday, July 16, 2007

JTLYK (just to let you know [I think that whole text messaging abbreviation thing is kind of goofy])

My dad thought that it might be a good idea to let you people know that on the lower left hand side of my blog, there are polls. So start polling!

This Rocks!

Now Blogger lets you do polls. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to do this!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Maillot Jaune; sitting on the edge of my seat in fevered anticipation

Caleb, myself and the V-Kids will have our hands full with Noah Veltkamp. In the 20k, he took me by three minutes (he's 15 and a dominant force in the 15-16 category). There's a good chance that he'll drop us, but there's still a manageable chance that we can hang with him and give him a run for his money. I have a SINKING suspicion that Tony wants to do Cat 3, I don't think he likes winning the Junior Races as much as he would like beating the pizza out of the adults. Anyway, MANY other juniors will be there, and it's Juniors 17 and under, but the seventeen year olds will want to race in the 17-18 category. Hi Mom&Dad! Dad PROBABLY already finished the seventy mile ride, but he said he would be putsin' along.

This is nuts

Alexey was only like fifteen seconds behind Taylor Eisenhart and Marcus Smith.

Found Them

Found the results, not many guys I predicted to perform well really did great. I didn't even see Jakob Smith and Marcus Smith.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Where are the Results?!?!

Usually Cycling News or USA Cycling dot Org, has results within hours. I can't find any results. My guess is that Justin Koelbl did not perform as well in the TT as he does in Crits and Road Races.
Anyway, I watched Ratatouille, starring a rat named Remmy -:).

It's fairly hard to use Aunt Mary's computer because of the mouse. It's one of those big ones where you move the cursor with your thumb.
I'll try to not awaken everybody in the house as I watch the Tour, starting at 7:30, A.M. (I don't think Aunt Mary knows about this one yet!).

Where I'm going to be

I'm going to be at my Aunt Mary's house, because my parents are going off to hang out at the MS 150, and then at the Common Crit. I might be blogging there but don't expect much, at all.

National TT

Alexey got 40th (out of 57), with a time of 18:15, not the best time for the 13-14 category, but it would of got him 2nd place at last year's 10-12 category. Good, very good.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I bet you're all wondering why I haven't been Blogging much lately

Well anyway, I did crit practice, broke away a few times (and got dropped more than a few times). The last race I did was seven(?) laps. In the beginning, the pack wasn't even all together, people did not have their suffer faces on. So I attacked. Up the hill, and Rune Duke was trying to bridge the gap. I'm not sure if he was humoring me, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't. He just had that face that he has when he's suffering, mouth open, gasping for breath. I couldn't find any pictures that could do him justice. But anyway, I was kind of enjoying watching someone suffering trying to catch me. I sprinted to keep him off my wheel as long as I could, but then sat up and sat on his wheel, and after half a lap, he dropped me.

Moving on to Wednesday's AAVC Time Trial practice at Willow. Mr. Christy and Steven, and eventually Mr. Vermeulen and Alexey. Because the TT is three laps, Alexey is better at them than me (I'm better at endurance). Alexey wanted to do two TTs and there was no way I could refuse. He won the first one with a time of around 18:05, twenty seconds better than my time of 18:27. It's always a bummer because you can be really close with another rider and be six seconds slower than him on one lap, but the gap really starts to add up the more laps you do. On the second one he put in 18:22, while I did 18:41(?). The last TT practice he almost passed me (we start with one minute in between), so I think I am improving, I've improved about two minutes on the three lap time trial (about 6.6 miles).

Interesting yet not really Amazing

Fabian is hanging with the big dogs. Vino crashed and lost about one minute. All the big name sprinters except Zabel, Freir and Napoleono were dropped. The Cat 2 climb did not drop many people, infact, it was the cat 3 climb that hurt everyone. On a descent, Popovych, along with Cancellara (who was chasing him) rode off the road, but managed to stay upright. Pozzato took it in the sprint.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I am so bummed out about Nationals. I am going to HURT PEOPLE (metaphorically speaking) next year at Nationals. It's just disappointing to be even less than a spectator. Actually, being a spectator would be worse. I really want to compete against some other people that are my age.

What's happening to Bennati?

He's nowhere.

Sant' Onorio

sparkplug said...

You should have been there, we could done some good damage. Okay, here is the race report. They combined cadet with cat 4 and women. I was a bit nervous because the race offical said that if I got dropped and they saw,they would pull me out. The race started off easy, it was 40min+3laps. Vince and a friend were there but they dropped out first. Then after the two primes were given out I decided to breakaway. I got away and got a gap of about 20 seconds. I stayed away until the last 2 laps then got caught. When they caught me Eric was struggling and soon dropped off. So I was the only junior left. I sprinted but didn't place. I did 2 cool down laps and in the seconds one I flatted. When I got to the car I found a shave of metel in my tire. I was happy that it did not happen during the race. The pizza was really really really good.

Alexey Part III

Here's who you have to watch at the crit. First of all, last years winner Justin Koelbl, and I think he's the hands down favorite. Also, sweeping the 10-12 category last year, and now 13, Jon Funk. Other favorites include Taylor Eisenhart, Marcus Smith and Pista Elite members Jacob Smith and Drew Bercaw. The crit will have a huge showing, over sixty riders, but probably over a quarter of the field will be pulled. Are you in Seven Springs right now, or will you be riding at Willow this evening. Also, why isn't Rem racing at Nationals too. Also, I'm gonna pay my entrance fee next year for Nationals, so next year I'm gonna be kicking some behind with you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

She's Driving

Will Maria survive driver's Ed. (I'm joking mom, I'm joking) (nobody vote on this one okay)

Anyway, can you guys believe FABIAN CANCELLARA?!?!?! His incredible win, outsprinting the sprinters has me rooting for him to hold on to yellow for a while. His time trialing is good enough (he's the world champion), but his climbing his not enough to stay with the big guns. We will have a medium sized glimpse of who's for real on Thursday, where the weak will be dropped on four cat 4 climbs, two cat 3 climbs, and one cat 2. It will favor the V-Kid's, Valverde and Vinokourov (not Alexey, Rem and Maas), but if they stay on, Freire and Bennati might have an outside chance. By the way, what's happening to Bennati? I think he crashed or had a technical problem, there's no way he got dropped.

This is worse than the 15-18 juniors at Allen Park

After 4 and a half hours, so far the peleton's average is 20.5 miles per hour, 20 miles per hour! I could keep up with these slowpokes, and I could kick their behinds! Very poor.

Monday, July 9, 2007

This is Awkward

The Cat took a sneaky one , now everyone knows that dad uses hammer gel.

(that's dad's leg and his shorts)


Got a hair cut about 45 minutes ago, then wrote my cycling resum'e (I don't know quite how to type that word) so I can upgrade to Cat 4 like Alexey. Alexey said that Mr. Alman said that If I asked for an Upgrade I probably would get it.

Who'd uh thunk it

David Linden got 13th at nationals! The day before, Mike Swartsendrubber took second!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Alexey! Part II

How was Sant' Onorio?

The Lowdown

Okay, I'm not lying, I made these predictions before the Tour started.

1. Alejandro Valverde
2. Alexander Vinokourov
3. Levi Leipheimer
4. Cadel Evans
5. Carlos Sastre
6. Denis Menchov
7. Christophe Moreau
8. Andreas Kloden
9. Markus Fothen
10. Dave Zabriskie

Now get off your rear end and watch the Tour BABY!


Later that night we went to watch fireworks at the Vermeulen house. I also experienced a milestone in my life...I got to handle a sparkler! Obviously, Sparkplug had no problem.

I HAVE to be overtraining

So in total, I rode about 35 or so miles Friday, and had about a half hour to make up in addition to riding an hour on Saturday. As I was watching the beginning of the Tour's Prologue, my dad said he was going to ride. I took the opportunity to ride with him, instead of riding all by my lonesome, around and around my neighborhood, over and over again for over an hour. I asked if we could invite the Vermuelens for a ride, because Dad was fairly sore and wouldn't be going hard. We rode up 20 miles and met up with them, just Mr. Vermeulen and Alexey. We eventually agreed on eating lunch at The Lighthouse Cafe, and then going over to the Vermeulen house for a dip in the lake. I had a Belgian Waffle, as did Alexey, who also had some eggs. We arrived at the house after 33 tough miles at an average of over16 M.P.H. (miles per hour) which is fairly fast, considering all the stops. I had never seen the Vermeulen House before, but was a pretty cool house.
Mr. Lekovish, you think Rem's got a rock star attitude right? Well he's got an electric guitar! I probably shouldn't be writing this, for Alexey might be in trouble with Rem. Staying at the house were some of their family from London. Their dog, Caleb who enjoys chasing after rocks was in the water with Alexey and I. It's a very very shallow lake. Maas and Mrs. Vermeulen came into the canoe, followed Rem Vermeulen cruising in the boat by himself. Eventually, Alexey and I took the boat out for a spin, and eventually I drove it (I remembered that I had to pull the thing out to completely stop the boat after I hit the pier!). Later on there was a battle royale water fight, which, once Alexey got the squirt gun, he pretty much unanimously one, but I beaned him with the football a couple times. After two or three hours, Dad and I headed back to Saline. I was SO tired, and had a very BTR-ish ride back home. The good news is that I put up a grand total of 58 MILES!!! My longest ride ever, the closest being the James 50, where I rode 54.

Here are the stats:

58.34 miles
30.92 max speed
16.05 average speed
3:38:03 ride time
Zero people called me Tony Wieczorek

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Past Few Days

Okay, for starters, I'm now done peaking, and won't be peaking until the Hines Park TT, so you'd think I'm on a recovery week. This week has been one of my tougher weeks, and it doesn't officially end until after I ride tomorrow. I rode at Crit Practice, then was scheduled for 2.5 hours Thursday, one hour Friday, one hour Saturday, and one hour Sunday. But as you all know, we went to a Tiger game Thursday, left at 10 or 9ish and didn't get home until about 10. So I had to make up lost time. On Friday my mom was headed to Detroit to look at an art exhibit, and Dad was flying, so I rode in the morning for 21 miles, then went to a friend's house, then rode in the evening for 13 miles.

Le Tour Has Begun

This is gonna be awesome!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ladies and Gents

I'm going to a Tiger game in about 20 or more minutes. I'll be back probably in the early evening.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

National Hero

Joey Chestnut, of the United States has scorned and fought the odds, training to be the best in the world at what he does. He did us proud. Chestnut defeated six time champion Takeru Koyabashi in the hot dog category, eating 63 hot dogs in 12 minutes, just edging out Koyabashi by about half a hot dog. Inconceivable!

Weekly Celebration of Pain: Report

Dad got home from work at about 6:20, so we arrived at crit practice over a half an hour late. Dad is all sore, so it was only me racing. In the first race, the usually drop afte one lap. The second one, I wanted to do another breakaway and see how long it took the field to catch me. I'm not sure if you would call it cheating, I work up a pretty good gap before the turn to the hill (on the warm up lap) and hammer when the race starts. Well this time I didn't know how long it was, and I didn't even know if the race had started. After four laps, I could see the field just ahead of me but they pulled away, and a few laps later Dmo and Eric Hinderager flew by me, followed by the group 10 seconds later. The next one I stayed away for about one or two laps, then stopped to watch the finish.
Then next race I was just riding circles around Dad while he marshalled. After it all was officially over, I did a two lap time trial, like what we did at the spring series. The course is about one kilometer. I did 3:15, and that was a decent time because last time there I did 3:27 and I didn't expect a big change considering the length. I then did a four lap TT, and did 6:40, which was fabulous.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Beyond Cool

Check out this video of the Tour of Speed. It's very professional.

Awaiting my imminent doom

Crit practice will hurt!!!